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dividend reinvestment plan

  1. Moose_

    DRP Refund

    I recently sold some high priced shares (MQG) and had some credits leftover from the DRP. When should I expect to get the credits payed as cash? I'm guessing it's when the next dividend is due to paid? thanks Moose
  2. Lithium

    A simple question on DRP & Tax

    This will probably be a simple one (excuse my ignorance) but I can't find the answer. Say I have $10k invested in VAS. I have elected full participation (DRP) as my reinvestment option. How does this impact my taxable income annually? Reason why I ask is I see many long term ETF investment...
  3. H

    List of companies offering DRPs?

    HI all. Just wondering if anyone knows of a list of companies that offer a DRP for their shares? Thanks heaps!
  4. C

    Cost base of DRP shares

    Hi All, During the year I sold a shares a number of long term holdings. Two of the companies that I invested in were ARG and WAM. For both of these LICs I have been enrolled in the DRP. This has resulted in quite a few small parcels that I now need to calculate Capital Gains on. I have...
  5. D

    DRP purchase prices

    Does anybody know of site that lists the latest DRP prices? Im trying to keep track for tax purposes of how much they are bought for but some of my listings do not mention the exact price on their investor sites..
  6. D

    ANZ Bonus Option Plan vs. Dividend Reinvestment Plan

    I recently bought some ANZ shares that I want to hold for the long term. They have two different types of plans regarding dividends. From what I can tell the main/only difference seems to be with the bonus option plan you don’t pay any tax on the dividend but then they are full CGT (from a $0)...
  7. B

    DRP Question

    Just regarding Dividend Reinvestment Plans, Are the shares bought issued by the company, like a capital raise? or bought from the company/ or at the open market? and what if you only have enough for example '10.5' shares, does the rest get paid out? thanks, just didnt quite understand...
  8. C

    Dividend Reinvestment Plan Question

    Hi, Hoping someone can answer this question for me. If you participate in the DRP of a company but sell your share (after EX-DIV date) what would happen to your dividend entitlement? Would they send a check or would you be issued with shares? Thanks