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dividend payments

  1. Frankieplus

    Dividend Payments/Tax

    Greetings.. I think I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. If I get a dividend payment into my -investment platform- cash account, do they get added to my yearly income and therefore I need to pay tax on them? Or is it a case that these dividends only qualify as income once they...
  2. M

    Dividend payments - quarterly

    Hi fellow investors, Newbie here and hope you guys can help me. Thinking of investing in some shares that pays dividends quarterly rather than every 6 months. Have been googling and looking through the asx sites but none of them gives a chart or table. Is it the only way to find that out...
  3. R

    Interactive Brokers - Dividend payments

    Not only is this my first post, I am also fairly new to IB. I noticed that my BHP dividends were paid directly into my IB account rather that directly to me or a nominated bank acct as would a Aust broker. My question is, do I still receive a dividend notification, stating the details...
  4. H

    Dividend payout on short position before record date

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me to understand this. I shorted ALL (by CFD) on 1st August 2009 and just closed it today, 2nd September 2009. everything is normal except that there is a cost for "dividend paid". ALL announced the dividend on 25th August 2009. nothing happen to my...