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dividend data

  1. P

    Need replacement for Fairfax Media's Trading Room free program

    Have been searching for weeks to find anything similar as the excellent 'tradingroom' website which includes the necessary fields of 'dividend amount' and 'dividend date payable'. Have constructed my own spreadsheet using google sheets but there are no google finance fields for dividend date etc...
  2. Dominover

    EPS, Dividends, Historical Share Price data?

    I'm looking for some pretty basic historical data on Australian ASX companies. Specifically historical share price data, dividends, and hopefully even PE ratios or EPS figures. Is there any service provider who will provide this kind of thing on a CD or for download? I can easily get share...
  3. sydboy007

    Is there a cheap way to get historical dividend data - downloadable file?

    I've been googling and haven't really found a cheap way to get a downloadable file for historical dividend data. I've got a spreadsheet I use to keep track of stocks I have my eye on. I like to manipulate the data myself to get an idea of how things will look over the next year or 2 under...