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  1. S

    Demo trading platform

    Hi all, This is an awesome forum, such great info And knowledgeable people (which Im hoping to tap into) Im looking to find a good demo platform to test my trading beginner skills. From what I can see, and please correct me if I am wrong, but Bell Direct and CMC seem to be the current...
  2. ftw129

    IC Markets MT4 demo account down?

    Hello out there! Is anyone currently using IC Markets Demo MT4 account and if so can you please check yours to see if it's working at the moment? Mine went berserk as soon as the Non Farm figures came out at 8.30 and I haven't been able to get any quotes since. It appears as though it has...
  3. Axiory

    Demo to live account

    Hi everyone, Just out of interest How long did you have a demo account for before you went live? Or did you just open up a live account without having a demo account? Regards, Jeff
  4. A

    CMC CFD demo and live accounts

    Hi, I've signed up for a demo account trading CFds. At the moment I'm going to just practice and focus on two markets, gold and silver. I follow these markets closely and know what makes it move. Practicing since monday I have managed to profit 5k mucking around. Highly leveraged, but...
  5. Lone Wolf

    Best demo account?

    G'day, I seem to be spending far too much time thinking about trading, investigating various trading strategies, considering which broker to use, but not nearly enough time actually placing trades. I could paper trade. But I just can't treat paper trading like I do a real account. On...