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  1. cudderbean

    What is the definition of a Big White candlestick?

    I had some very good results backtesting in Bullcharts and Tradesim a system using Big White candlesticks. I’d like to duplicate it in Excel. Bullcharts formula must be proprietary, because I couldn’t get into the guts of it. I couldn’t find a formula or definition of a Big White [Tower/Real...
  2. kennas

    Definition of Justice?

    What is justice and how is it equated and judged? How is there so great a difference between cultures? How can Corby get 20 years for 5kg kg of pot, and Bakar Bashir get 10 or so for organising the killing of hundreds? :confused: I am sure we can pick out many other examples of...
  3. M

    Naked and short selling - definitions?

    I notice when i go to sell shares through comsec i get this warning. Naked short selling is prohibited. Covered short selling is available only through CommSec's Term Short Selling facility. Therefore, in placing this order you are confirming that you own the stock you are selling and...