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deceased estate

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    Testamentary Trust Commsec issues - Please assist!

    Hi All, I am due to receive quite a large amount of shares from my late fathers estate however I have come into great difficulty establishing an Testamentary Trust account with CommSec. Unfortunately, CommSec rejected my application due to my name not being on Probate. However, the...
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    Transfer of Shares - Deceased Estate

    I hope you can help. I am Executor of my deceased mother's estate and her shares need to be distributed and she held her shares with a broker who is wanting to charge $85 per transfer if transferred to a chess sponsored account with them. A total of $2040 in fees. Or the other option is to...
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    Navigating deceased estate shares

    Hi, Have been googling my way through but have stopped to ask help as I have found forums very helpful regarding other topics. So just want to confirm some things. Relative who is deceased, I am the sole beneficiary and executor. Found out most shares are with Link MS, which I learnt...
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    Selling shares from deceased estate?

    Hi, Just after some information about selling some shares from a deceased estate. They are CHESS sponsored shares held through Leveraged Equities (who are unfortunatly not able to sell them). To enable the executors to sell them what options are available? Do the executors have to open an...