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  1. shoeshineshare

    AMP may not pay up for AMP Capital Notes AMPPA

    AMP (ASX:AMP) has the opportunity to squeeze some blood from a stone, by not paying the face value of the AMP Capital Notes (ASX:AMPPA), if it dares to do so. The reason I use "dare" is that the conditions attached to the Capital Notes, if I understand their prospectus, will allow AMP to say...
  2. T

    Do companies show debt as operating cash inflow?

    Hi, I am looking at this company's operating cash where they have receipts from customers 91,000 payment to suppliers 110,000 Other Operating Cash flow. 240,000 I am wondering what is this other operating cash flow ? It is a holding company so might be coming from some other areas of the...
  3. K

    Debt Recycling

    Debt Recycling is not something I've seen discussed much (if at all) on this forum so I thought I'd start a thread on it. If you have questions, please fire away! *None of the below is financial advice* What is debt recycling? Debt recycling is in effect using an investment loan to pay of the...
  4. tech/a

    Investment - Good debt vs. Bad debt

    From time to time I'm asked to speak to school kids in their final year. I make an example of investment in Business V Investment in a Sports Car both on credit as a powerful example of good debt V bad debt. I'm often told this has a clear effect on some students. Keeping it very basic. Loan...
  5. H

    Where in a financial report do I find net debt?

    Hi all, just wondering where is the number for net debt in financial reports? I'm getting a little confused. Beginner trader! Cheers :) Hayden
  6. A

    Australia's high personal debt

    So if Australians have the highest personal debt in the world on mortgages and credit cards, how are they going to spend the money to allow business to grow. The only people making any money in Australia it seems are the banks, Woollies and Coles, the real estate agents, big car dealers and the...
  7. A

    When will huge inflation in Australia occur to wipe down the debts?

    I am keen to know if there will be inflation anytime soon in Australia so that the huge mortgage I have taken can be wiped down somewhat? I need prices to go up tenfold and salaries to follow suit, so that I don't have to repay my bank so much money. Will this occur? Can we make it occur...
  8. A

    Debt/Equity Levels

    Hi guys, Just trying to learn how a company has low debt? Is the debt/equity a good indicator? Just trying to work out the best way to know much debt they have compared to their assets/revenue. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  9. P

    Too Much Debt - Have we gone beyond the point of no return?

    I went to a talk the other day and the speaker was talking out QE (Quantitative easing - printing out money). This printing out of money is creating trillions of dollars of debt, money which apparently is never to be repaid but to keep people in financial slavery. The speaker went on to say...
  10. B

    Debt/Equity Ratio

    Hi all this is my first post. Im currently looking at a company, Billabong. I have used all my metrics and i stumbled across Total Debt/Equity on the Balance sheet in the stats of this website It says 61.74. For me that's a problem as I Dont like...
  11. R

    Money as debt - should we be worried?

    I'd like peoples opinions on this
  12. Tyler Durden

    Should we be worried about the credit card debt clock?

    I remember seeing a US debt clock page, but now we have a credit card debt clock for Australians here: According to that, Australians with credit cards owe $36b in total, which means an average debt of...
  13. A

    Debt collector is chasing me...

    Ok, so back in 08' I racked up a 6k credit card debt with ANZ... it was entirely my own fault. Anyways, I was overseas for about 9 months, during this time I didn't contact ANZ and by the time I did call them to discuss the debt it had already been sold to Baycorp... 4 years later I get a call...
  14. pan

    HECS debt

    simple question should I pay it off early or wait it I earn over the threshold?
  15. M

    Credit Corp. debt - scam or not?

    hey there fellas ! i am posting this to get your opinions as to which this is a scam or not because it is very weird. i have relieved a letter from credit corp group - notice of assignment of debt. it says that i owe them $1,300 overdue. i am not aware that i am in this sort of debt, i...
  16. MR.

    What is Australia's total DEBT?

    Has anyone calculated the sum of Australia's Private and Public debts? Private is 156% of GDP Public is 17.5% of GDP Will check above figures. Has anyone an article on the totals...