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  1. BlindSquirrel

    Disrupting death: The billionaire who wants to extend our lifespans This article was written yesterday about Jim Mellon who is investing in life longevity assets, looking to extend life for as long as possible. If ultimately...
  2. M

    Death of investment in certain areas

    Probably could have chosen a better title, but couldn't think of the right word (medium? Class?) Anyway, was talking to a guy that invested in antiques who thinks the market in them has been trashed. Reckons a lot of stuff is destined for the dump. Which got me thinking to the generational...
  3. basilio

    Bob Hawke's death and implications for the election

    Bob Hawke passed away this evening. He was in rapidly failing health and couldn't make the Labour launch last week. He will be remembered as an iconic Labour leader who remade the Australian economy in the 1980's. However his death will also have a huge impact on the upcoming election. 1)...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    Boeing 737 Max: Death Aircraft

    May I ask all ASF members to avoid flying on Boeing 737 Max, if it is ever re-introduced into Australia. I would also advise this if you are flying overseas particularly in the USA. The existing Boeing 737's now being flown in Australia are safe. Absolutely safe. As a child I flew on a...
  5. noirua

    Conservation - Murder, Death and Destruction

    Eleven lions found dead in Uganda national park in suspected poisoning
  6. TPI

    Long-term shares investing strategy for family members when you're gone

    Hi, I'm in the process of doing a new will and estate plan and am wondering if anyone here has put much thought into how your family members with limited or no investing experience would manage a large share portfolio they might inherit on you're passing. My plan was to have my somewhat...
  7. dutchie

    The Death of YOUR freedom of speech

    Watch the video and make up your own mind - while you can!
  8. N

    Death by cucumber?

    From todays news. "German health chiefs announced four more deaths feared to have been caused by E. coli-contaminated cucumbers, bringing to ten the number of suspected deaths in the country. Two of the ten deaths have so far been officially attributed to the deadly E. coli strain, with...
  9. Stan 101

    Cause of death - Does it matter?

    Being in a philosophical state of mind, I've got to thinking about death, and specifically death of those referred to in GG's 9/11 thread. Does the cause of an unexpected death change the emotion and the healing? Some examples: 1. Your partner jumps in the car to go get some milk and is...
  10. noirua

    Well known people who died recently

    - Werner Von Trapp has died aged 91. A member of the family made famous by the legendary Hollywood film "The Sound of Music":
  11. J

    The Death of Rene Rivkin

    I saw this in the newspaper this morning: