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daylight saving

  1. T

    London DST Change

    just a heads up to the FX traders . London changes back from DST to their standard time on sunday . So next week London opens 5pm Sydney time. Good trading
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    When Does E.Australia return to Queensland Time?

    I have my chooks trained as arbs, they are more profitable than I've ever been. They click on trades depending on the sun and the moon. I just don't want to be disadvantaged by time changes down south in April. gg
  3. C

    Daylight saving Western Australia

    Watched today/tonight... Having lived in different states - mostly W.A. - been through all of the last 3 referendums about daylight saving - this time it's a trial and the last year, then, yep! another referendum ( thats 4 ) what are they waiting for... all the old remembering folk to...
  4. T

    Queensland Government Daylight Savings E-Petition

    Hi All If you in queensland and think we should get with the times (or repeat history as most would remember) please take the time to sign this petition. it takes about 30 secs. Name and address pretty much.
  5. Joe Blow

    Change time to allow for daylight saving

    If you find that the time on Aussie Stock Forums is out due to daylight saving, don't forget that you can adjust your time settings in the 'Edit Options' section of your UserCP. You will find a setting there that allows for daylight saving. :)