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  1. traderbhai

    Day trading execution platform

    Hi all, Gratitude in advance. New here, but been lurking and absorbing like a sponge. Background: I'm 38, have watched the markets for more than a decade and participated too. Moved in from the UK in 2018. Now located in Melbourne, and currently between jobs. I plan to restart day-trading...
  2. Dominover

    Trading Platforms in Australia (observation)!

    I'm specifically referring to trading platforms in Australia here. I'm also not naming any providers as I'm willing to believe they could potentially improve if given the chance. What I've found when looking through stock trading platforms provided by Australian Firms is that even for the...
  3. T

    Day trading stocks essential tools/info

    what do you consider vital info for daytrading stocks? Picking a stock to trade? Tools like stock scanners, indicators, market info. All the factors you consider before trading.
  4. S

    Brokerage fees when swing/day trading in Australia

    Hi there, My name's Kyle and I'm a 19 year old university student. I'm new to the whole trading scene and have been researching for the last few weeks/month and have decided swing trading (day to week trading) suits my lifestyle best. I've began practicing my trades on the ASX game and have...
  5. T

    Best broker for newbie day traders of the ASX?

    Any recommendations for brokers for day trading on th ASX? Who do you use and what are their pros and cons? Low fees are obviously a plus but transaction speed must also be good. Cheers
  6. S

    Day Trading Groups

    Hi there, I was trying to get into day trading on the asx and couldn't find any communities or groups that share company tickers or what is hot for that certain day when it comes to day trading. Just wondering if anyone new of a community online group, twitter feed or just something where people...
  7. B

    Day Trading Aussie Market

    Hi Traders, I have been trading US markets for past 3 years. Now I have come back to Australia and want to trade Australian markets because of the US timing issue.. Is Australian Market profitable for day traders. Secondly, is there any good screener like for Aussie markets.. All...
  8. Mr Bear

    Mr Bear’s Daily SPI Trades

    Will start posting live trades from tomorrow. 11am ish each day. Last night I opened long at 6190 in sycom closing at 6216 today so I have no open positions. Weekly trend - UP Daily trend - UP Intraday trend - Remains UP
  9. S

    Day Trading Idea & Broker Question

    Hi All, Please help JuniorR out with some responses. JuniorR contacted me via PM after interacting with me in this thread here Note: Naturally...I have asked for and received JuniorR's permission to post our PM...I would never post a PM in the forum, otherwise! And also: Here is my...
  10. Mr_D

    Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

    Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing? If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help. Cheers D
  11. Mr_D

    Totally new to trading

    Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to get into serious trading for a while and now finally ready to start. I plan to do day trading on the asx and eventually make a good living from it. Is there anyone on here that does day trading, lives in Perth and could offer some help and mentoring ?
  12. S

    What is a good day trading strategy?

    I have looked into bull flags, they seem pretty good?
  13. K

    Looking at Day Trading ASX & U.S.

    Hi All, Apologies if this is in the wrong spot, I'm interested in day trading the ASX & International markets using Australian brokerage firms online. I was wondering what the majority here use to day trade the ASX and International markets ? Thanks in advance
  14. T

    Gold CFD Day and Trend Trade Journal [Demo]

    Why Journal For a Demo account? I need numbers before the real deal. To help keep disciplined. To show other newbs what to do/not do. We always see good trades , but I would like others to see the bad ones too. So we I /we can learn from mistakes without losses. No way I would go into day...
  15. K

    Broker/Platform for futures day trading

    Hi all, I'm a newbie who's interested in day trading futures, and possibly options. What brokers/platforms do you use here in Oz? I'd be looking for one that has a good DOM feature (and simulator obviously :)). Thanks in advance!
  16. C

    Markets/products to Day Trade while in Australia

    Hi everyone - I am making a move back to Aus. I am used to trading the US markets during the day and would prefer to keep that time range. I have not day traded the ASX before but, have heard it is quite small, not liquid etc etc to make a decent go of it - likely I have spoken to the wrong...
  17. B

    Day trading while living in the USA

    Hi guys, I searched the forum and could not find anything related to the question I have and possibly other people might have as well. I was hoping someone with more information could shed some light on the subject. I am currently in the USA on a working visa (E3) on a marketing position...
  18. K

    Does anyone actually day trade the ASX?

    Hi All, I am currently full swing In studying day trading, though all of my reference material is based on the US Markets. With the ASX so illiquid in comparison, does anyone actually day trade this market? (Net losers, winners doesn't matter) If so I would LOVE to connect with someone...
  19. M

    Pattern day trading rules in US

    Do pattern day trading rules apply for Futures only trading ( Index / Commodity and Currency) Options on Futures ( Index / Commodity and Currency) IB say following but does not expressly say if it applies to Futures or not? I mean futures traders scalp all the time with small a/c...
  20. aussiedaytrader

    ASX200 Day trading: comments, analysis and opinions

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if any day traders in ASX 200 index (futures or CFD) around here? I am planning to keep a kind of trading journal in here with my comments and opinions related to aussie index and looking for day trades or short term trades - note that this is not intended to be any...