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day trading software

  1. Dominover

    Trading Platforms in Australia (observation)!

    I'm specifically referring to trading platforms in Australia here. I'm also not naming any providers as I'm willing to believe they could potentially improve if given the chance. What I've found when looking through stock trading platforms provided by Australian Firms is that even for the...
  2. P

    Day Trading accounting software

    I have recently started trading stocks and forex as my primary profession and source of income. Can anyone recommend a good accounting package for day traders? I looked at Quicken but seems like a lot of manual entry work given the number of trades I do per day especially for forex and...
  3. D

    Day trading software?

    Hi I am currently dabbling in shares in my spare time using commsec I wanted to know what is the best software or website for me to use so that I can A> see live share prices B> See previous days share prices by the minute thanks all Jamie