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  1. L

    Day Trader in Adelaide CBD?

    Hi, I'm completely new here and very young in age (21) and in the trading world, as in still reading many pages on investopedia and such. I would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone (preferably a day trader) from Adelaide about their experiences with investing and what they...
  2. B

    Day Trader versus Investor

    Hi All I am a Day Trader (>1000 trades per mnth). I am also new to Australia and need to set up a company. What type of company should I set up as a Day Trader rather than an investor and how do I need to convince the ATO that it is a Day Trading company and every trade needs to be taken...
  3. P

    Perth day traders group

    Hi. I am looking to find people who are currently day-trading the US Stock Market (or day trading any market for that matter - forex, german, london etc) from Perth, Western Australia. I am wanting to form some sort of group, preferably young"er" people under 50. Please contact me directly if...
  4. Y

    Prop trading graduate programs?

    Hello! Basically I'm a 19 year old who is majoring in Finance (graduating at end of 2017). I have been learning about trading since I was 16, and started swing trading with real money at age 18. I started Day trading 6 months ago and have stuck to that as it is more consistent and profitable...
  5. J

    Any day traders living in the Gippsland VIC area?

    I am interested in meeting with other people, who are day trading forex, in an environment where we can actually do some trading and discuss potential set-ups as they happen. I am in Warragul, so not really that far from Melbourne either. Cheers
  6. M

    Day Trading Newbie Lessons learnt

    Hi Guys & Girls, I just thought i would introduce my self and share some of my first experiences to day trading. I started getting a big interest in the stock market a few years ago and started swing trading with a demo account and about six months ago i got hard core into CFD's and day...
  7. Timmy

    Traders Psychological Profile test: Are you cut out to be a day trader?

    Saw this a few days ago. Read a bit of it. Thought it was c rap and clicked away. :flush: Was looking for entertainment so I went back and read it all. And did the test. :sheep: Despite passing I still think its c rap. But, hey, good for a laugh. Traders Psychological Profile 20-question...
  8. J

    What is a realistic average daily return for a day trader?

    Hi everyone, What is a realistic average daily return for a day trader? After reading many articles on the interent i can not find an answer. Of course there are the fairy tail ones about people making $1,000,000+ a year and also the tragic the ones about people going broke. not to mention...
  9. V

    The switch from investor to day trading

    The switch from investor to day trading I have been contemplating making the switch from investor to trader. To make the move I will have to cash in about 30% of my current holdings to raise capital keeping the remaining 70% for long term stock. On the capital I will have for short term...