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dax trading

  1. ThingyMajiggy

    Pull ya DAX up!

    DAX Trading thread, ready set go! So far tonight has been really nice to read on the order flow tonight, one of those "obvious" days, pity they aren't all like this, currently not trading, just watching. Trying to get a sim login(another one, about my 5000th haha) so I can continue having a go...
  2. CanOz

    CanOz's intermittent and sporadic trades

    Another try at scalping while waiting for FB to open last night got me thinking about how hard it is to trade against the market, for most. This is the DAX. Most of the profitable trades were made by selling a spike up or buying one down. Quite often i waited until the price tapped the MA. I...
  3. D

    DAX trading & CFDs

    hi all,my first post & hopefully not my last.Iam looking at trading the dax using ig market cfd & was wondering if anyone had any horror stories about stop running & any funny business while intraday trading.Have been told that the dealers on duty get paid by the amout of money they take.From my...