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  1. B

    Claiming data as tax deduction?

    Does anyone claim market data as a tax deduction?
  2. D

    ASX Cash Flow Data Extract

    Hello Everyone, First time posting here and i did try to search the forum but could not find one. So i wanted to extract the Cash Flow ( Operations , Investing , Financing ) data for all the companies where a 4C report is published so that i can analyse the data to take an appropriate...
  3. P

    Opening ASX Chart with IB Data into Ninjatrader 8

    Hi, I have an IB connection within Ninjatrader 8 but cannot see the ASX market when I try to open a new chart. Has anybody done this and could they advise? Thanks
  4. alpix

    Access stock market data through PostgreSQL

    Hi, Thanks for reading this post. :) I was wondering if there is any server available that I can connect through pgAdmin (PostgreSQL) to make queries about the ASX stock market. Thank you and I appreciate any hints, Alpix.
  5. frugal.rock

    Tengraph WA Mining Data request

    G'day, Just wondering if any of the learned colleagues uses Tengraph? Am trying to get a mock up desk analysis done of CAD (Caeneus Minerals) in relation to DEG (Dr Grey tenement. So, my question is, can anyone give me the co-ordinates from Tengraph for EL47/3846 known as Roberts Hill project...
  6. J

    Data sources - Norgate vs. Yahoo

    Hello, I am newbie and currently I do exploration of various data sources. I am considering Norgate and Yahoo for my purposes and I have several questions about them. My aim is trading mainly stocks on daily/weekly timeframe, so do not need any real-time data. Does Norgate store all data in...
  7. Dominover

    Amibroker Data Providers?

    For ASX Data, what's the lowest cost intraday live data available? The last I looked into this and looking around this forum and the web I was looking at $160 per month.. That seems horrendously expensive. Are there cheaper for live ASX data for stocks and ETF's? I am in Australia..
  8. Dominover

    Linking Amibroker with Interactive Brokers data?

    There are some instructions on the internet on how to link Amibroker with Interactive Broker's Trader Work Station to gain access to the live data provided by IB. Most of the posts are getting a little old so I wanted to hear from someone who has been implementing this recently or is still...
  9. M

    Amibroker / Norgate ASX Data - How to find strongest sectors?

    Hi all I have Amibroker and am using Norgate ASX Data . Im confused as to the correct filter settings to use when doing an exploration of ASX Indexes and or Sectors, say for example, to find the sector that has is hitting new highs etc. The code for the xploration is easy but i cant figure our...
  10. Student of Gann

    CBA Data

    hello was wondering if anyone could assist me with CBA data as I want to print it out on pieces of paper and then plot those figures onto charting paper . The data I require is monthly ohlc back 20 years . weekly ohlc data back to 2015 and daily data going back 12 mths . thanks for your help I...
  11. K

    Chinese Historical Tick Data

    Does anyone know where I can find and purchase Chinese historical tick data? Seems like so hard to find out there.
  12. Stock Jock

    Export Historical Data From ThinkOrSwim

    If you use the ThinkOrSwim platform, this might be of interest to you. Click on the link below. Export Historical Data From ThinkOrSwim
  13. S

    XAO Earnings Data

    Hi, I am relatively new to investing. I saw a chart of the price of the S&P500 plotted against company earnings. The chart was interesting to show the divergence from earnings. I was wondering where I would find similar earnings data for the XAO? Cheers, Sarky
  14. A

    Reliable and standardized financial statement data provider?

    Hi, I'm looking for reliable provider of financial statements for international companies (USA, Europe, Germany, Japan, South Korea). The problem I have so far - some providers have incomplete data, some use slightly different naming conventions etc. I tried to use Morningstar, seems like it's...
  15. T

    IB market data

    Hi All Would anyone know why Interactive Brokers doesn’t show market data outside of hours? I have checked their “chart time options” setting and the box to tick is shadowed and won’t allow it to be ticked. I do have an active market data level 2 subscription. Thanks in advance.
  16. O

    Live (or delayed) data

    Hi all. Just wondering where I can find live(ish) data for a paper trading exercise. Ideally I’d like to go back over a few weeks if possible. Also like to watch todays course of sales. Is there still somewhere I can get this free?
  17. P

    Historical 'Tick' Data for ASX

    Hi Team, New poster - I'm looking at getting my hands on some historical "level 2" data for the ASX. I understand that norgate, premiumdata look like decent providers, however from my review it only appears that they have EOD related data? I understand that it would be possible to collect...
  18. G

    Software and Data Available in 2019

    Hi All, I have been reading all of the information posted about software and data. The problem is, is that most of the information is very old. Can I please get some help on whats happening today. I would like data that is :- Clean, Historical, Share prices (obviously) plus the standards volume...
  19. R

    Historical market cap data

    Hi All I'm a noob looking for historical EOD data with the market cap or equivalently SOI. I tried norgates premium data free trial, but as far as I can tell they don't provide market cap/SOI data with their historical EOD data. Any suggestions of things to try? I'm happy to pay a small fee...
  20. M

    Where can I find live market depth data for the ASX200?

    I want to start day trading the ASX200 but I can't find live Market depth data. I am looking for the market profile and the footprint.