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daryl guppy

  1. J

    Daryl Guppy books

    I'm still very new to share trading - so far have not done any 'live' trading, but am in the ASX Game, have done a fair bit of reading - books, magazines and ASF. There is such a lot of information it's hard not to get confused as to who is the best to follow, who's just trying to sell their...
  2. E

    Guppy Traders Series

    Hi All, I'm fairly new to the stockmarket so I have a lot to learn. I'd like to do some education and there a lot out there telling you how to do it all. Can you advise on a reputable course or some thing that doesn't break the bank Has anyone used the Guppy Traders Seminar Series...
  3. ctp6360

    Daryl Guppy net worth?

    Does anyone know, approximately, Daryl Guppy's net worth?