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  1. K

    Currency risk (US listed ETF denominated in $USD vs. US ETF denominated in $AUD)

    Hi there First time poster here with a question (maybe silly) that's been in my mind for a while. For an Australian investor wanting to obtain currency diversification in their portfolio, what are the differences between holding a US listed ETF (denominated in $USD) vs. a US ETF (denominated...
  2. bigdog

    IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency The International Monetary Fund sees little evidence that China's central bank has deliberately reduced the value of...
  3. H

    Why is Australian dollar behaving like emerging market currency in 2018?

    It shares the same "humiliation" as Indonesian rupiah and Indian rupee in 2018. This is quite unbelievable given that Australia is a developed country and extremely resilient economically. Its resilience can be seen by being recession-free for the past 25 years. What happened in 2018?
  4. J

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi guys, I have a few questions that I need some answers too. a) I’m worried that I’ll sign up to a dodgy website, what are some safe websites that I can use to invest in currencies, shares and commodities? Which is also connected to multiple stoke markets around the world. Ideally, I am...
  5. Gringotts Bank

    Monero: The new Bitcoin

    The new Bitcoin. Great for ISIS, drug cartels, arms dealers and all those sort of people.
  6. K

    Economic indicators that have a real effect on currency value

    Earlier this week the Australian Reserve Bank said they were going to lower interest rates. This resulted in a huge drop in the AUD/USD. However, there were other announcements that day that had virtually no affect on the price, such as the AUD Trade Balance and AUD Building Approvals. I've...
  7. tech/a

    Diluting Currency by printing Money - Damaging Australian Economy

    Continued US money printing which dilutes its value and hence its debt is the aim of the US FED. But Australia bears a brunt with a high AUD and diminishing export market. Foreign goods look even more inviting. China --- linked to the USD becomes even more attractive as the US keeps...
  8. DB008

    More BetaShares Commodity/Currency ETFs coming soon to the ASX

    Hi traders, I posted in this thread a few weeks ago in regards to a new Gold ETF that has started trading. The company that offers this is called Betashares. At the moment, they have 4 ETF's; Gold ASX Resources Sector ETF ASX Finance Sector ETF US Dollar ETF...
  9. T

    Bitcoin - Peer to Peer currency

    Seems like the idea has a lot of potential. Thoughts?