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    MT4 HTM2CSV Statement converter using python

    Thought I'd write a python script to convert a MT4 htm statement containing your closed trade history to a nicely formatted csv file. Note: you need to install python for this to work. Attached is a zip file containing python script Extract to where you store your Statement.htm...
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    Reformatting CSV (Comma Separated Value) files using Perl

    I've been working on a perl script that reformats csv (comma seperated value) files to a format specified by the user. Ever downloaded or used a program to generate csv files that are not quite the format you wanted. Well now you can correct these files using my perl script. Obviously you need...
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    CSV - CSG Limited

    CSG Limited is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company head-quartered in the Northern Territory. The company provides expertise in the provision of integrated technology solutions to key customers include some of Australia’s leading companies, along with state and federal...