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  1. W

    China's Energy Crisis

    It seems that China, along with Western Europe, are struggling to deal with rising energy costs brought on by the fact that thermal coal is now at all time highs and gas is in limited supply. China has had to ration its electricity use, with several industries & homes being asked to limit their...
  2. greggles

    China's Evergrande Group crisis

    This is starting to get very serious. The Evergrande Group has $300 billion of liabilities and it is increasingly looking like it will default. Some analysts have described the Evergrande crisis as “China’s Lehman Brothers moment” But the problems with China's property sector look terminal...
  3. CanOz

    Recycling in Australia in crisis...why???

    China has stopped accepting the recycling waste from Australia. Is this a national issue? How? Why? This is a local council issue and requires some investment. Burn the stuff! Incinerate and generate power. Scrub the emission! Get on with it for gawds sake!!!!
  4. T

    Is the emerging European Banking Crisis the reason behind Brexit?

    There are all kinds of problems with the European banks, be very careful over the next few months. Check out this short video
  5. DB008

    The European - Refugee/Migrant/Welfare Chaser/Humanitarian Crisis

    As we have seen, there has been a massive influx of migrants/refugees/welfare chasers into Europe of late. U.N HCR estimates that there are almost 60 million people who have been displaced by the war/terror in the Middle East. So far, Germany and...
  6. dutchie

    Financial Crises Around the World

    The Greek Proposal: "Just frickin give us some more free money" The European response: "Well... um.. well.. um... um.. OK" Idiots.
  7. wayneL

    Sowing The Seeds Of A New Crisis

    OK I'm in two minds whether this "recession" is starting to recover or whether it is going to get worse. My firm opinion is that massive Keynesian stimulus to promote recover sets us up for the next Apocalypse. The healthiest thing for the future health is for gu'mints to butt the f~~~ out...
  8. wayneL

    Why Did So Many Fail To Predict The Crisis?

    Here is an excellent article from the Pragmatic Capitalist. A few of us here banged on about it ad nauseam and suffered ridicule etc, but it was only a matter of time. It also gives Keynesianism a bloody good...
  9. B

    The Upcoming Wheat Crisis "While most Americans have never heard of Ugandan 99 (Ug99) or Stem Rust fungus, it is a hugely growing concern in the world of agriculture and food production. Nearly 80% of the world's most...
  10. 9Dragons

    Crisis meetings at CMC Markets CFD specialist CMC Markets is holding an all-staff meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney today at 2.30pm to put the rumours to rest once and for all. What is happening to CMC Markets? CMC Market's normally thundering public relations...
  11. Naked shorts

    Credit Crisis: The Movie

    This summer... From the creators of The Terminator comes... The ultimate story of action... adventure.. and a search, for answers... A tale like no other... one man... fights.. to save his country... "Get out of there! its about to crash!" "..C.can't hold it up, much... long..ger"...
  12. A

    Water crisis

    Have there ever been any serious discussions in recent times as to why water cannot be pumped down from the northern parts of the country such as the Ord river area or the Northern territory or north Queensland? Is it that it is just not sensible to pump it that far, or too cost prohibitive...
  13. mime

    Oil crisis?

    Anyone else think there will be a oil crisis in the near future? i think there will be so I've invested in oil stocks. It's strange how not long ago I was hoping for the price of oil to go down and now it's the oppisite.