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  1. Knobby22

    Cricket Thread

    Watching day one. Melbourne 2020. Interesting game. Paine has proved himself worthy of being Captain. Just as I typed that he nearly ran himself out.
  2. basilio

    Corruption in Cricket

    Big story out from Al Jazzerra showing the corruption in cricket. Basically how gangsters have players perform in particular ways and bet accordingly. Very sophisticed process. It's a one hour investigative program showing conversations with the main participants (hidden cameras of course.)...
  3. Sean K

    Cricket World Cup 2015

    Surprised there's no World Cup thread. Aussies v Kiwis is going to be a classic today. Both PMs in attendance. When does that happen in sport?
  4. SirRumpole

    Australian Cricket team

    I haven't seen a cricket thread so I thought I'd start one Poor Phil Hughes is in critical condition in hospital after been struck by a bouncer. He was wearing a helmet, so how could this happen ...
  5. basilio

    Aussie - South Africa First Test

    Well you wouldn't believe it. South Africa all out for 96 in their first innings. Australia replies with all out for 47 in their 2nd innings. Just gives SA a sniff of a chance to win. My spin ? Maybe both sides have been knobbled ?? Have a few drinks and consider the situation of a...
  6. springhill

    Aussie Cricket

    Instead of starting a new thread everytime a new series starts or a new controversy rears its head thought we could get a rolling, all encompassing thread going SIMON KATICH YOU FKN LEGEND! News reports today of a scuffle between Katich and Michael Clarke. It is a deep rooted tradition in the...
  7. RichKid

    Cricket - current matches

    Since the Ashes have finished, I thought I'd start a general thread on cricket. So any of the minor matches or general topics could go here I guess. Been watching the current World XI v Australia super test in Sydney and I have to say how much I like the new footage they have of the players...