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  1. P

    Any ideas why MACD has gone crazy lately?

    Hey Still learning the ropes, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas why volume and macd has gone loco since july07... really started change around feb 07 This chart is xao but most stock seem to be doing the same please let me know if my image is ok .. is there a better way of adding images?
  2. D

    The Weird, Strange, Crazy News & Stuff Thread!

    Just thought it might be fun to have a thread of all the strange stuff ASFers come across trolling the web... here's one to kick off.... Story continues here : ... The poor guy :(... goes...
  3. Sean K

    Religion IS crazy!

    There's some strange things that religion makes people do. Like praying, for example. :confused: Then, there's some things that are good. Like providing shelter and food. (often free of charge, but usually you are persuaded to accept JC as the main man!) Then, there are some really...