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  1. Eddie_E

    Reserving cash for a correction / crash?

    Hey, just wondering how many of you leave cash aside waiting for a market correction or crash? Don't get me wrong I have a lot invested in stocks for the future, so would be prepared to ride the storm if one occurs but I'm also seeing companies riding on insane P/Es (pro medicus and nanosonics)...
  2. explod

    Air Crash at Essendon Airport: Cause?

    A twin engine aircraft in good condition and recently serviced goes down suddenly with both engines failing. Interested in takes on this for angles of investigation. And very interesting who was on board, could this be a removal of enemies or threats...
  3. H

    Why did gold miners crash so hard in the past 2 days (14-15 March)?

    I suffered some burns from the gold miners in the past 2 days.:banghead::cry: Just last week, they were still doing fine. The crash in the past 2 days was really hard. Look at NST.AX. It crashed double-digit on Monday and >5% so far today. I cannot find specific news on gold miners that...
  4. H

    How to prepare for a market crash

    Bit of a sensationalist headline, but I was just wondering practically how you would position your portfolio to profit from a market downturn/crash. Or to think about it in another way, what actually went up in the GFC when everyone found how correlated asset prices really were? And will it...