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covered calls

  1. M

    Simple Aussie options - best approach

    I want to take a simple approach of selling options with the intent to own the shares then write covered calls. I'm starting out small but finding it hard to figure out best way to do this. Online broker or full service broker that is economical. Many years ago used Halifax full service...
  2. R

    Commsec Options Trading Test

    Hello, I currently have a Commec account and am now applying to have a Level 2 Options trading account so I can start to sell covered calls. Commsec requires that you complete a 10 question test first before being approved. I am sure I have completed it correctly but it is saying I have...
  3. jamieredhands

    Tax implications for Covered Calls on the US Markets

    Hi everyone! I'm new here as I've been trying to find a place to ask some questions as the information my accountant is giving me is concerning. I have been doing covered calls on the US markets using the Interactive Broker platform since October last year. My account is now telling that each...
  4. D

    Learning covered calls/resources/practice trading platforms

    Hi all, I'm a newbie for trading and I have seen webinars on covered call strategy. I did a bit of basic search and now interested to explore it further. 1. Can someone please recommond good resources to learn further covered call strategies. 2. Which platforms do you recommond to trade for...
  5. Seeking Truth

    Options Trading/Covered Call Education - Recommendations?

    I'm sure this has been posted many times before but I cant seemd to find the threads. I'd like to get some quality education and would love to hear from others who are in the game as to where they would go to get this. I'm looking to learn good capital protected / risk managed stratergies. As a...
  6. bellenuit

    AAPL Covered Calls

    For the last year or so I have been selling AAPL Covered Calls with a strike price about USD 10 above what the underlying is currently trading at and with an exercise date about 12 days ahead (I usually sell on a Monday for an exercise date of Friday of the following week). These are usually...
  7. fanga

    Covered Calls 5 years on

    Hey Gang Just a quick question about Covered Calls. From my research across the forum here and other places, it appears that Covered Calls haven't been talked about for a while (at least 5 years). I've been researching different trading approaches for different parts of my Financial plan and...
  8. I

    Covered call margins

    Hi all, I have just written a covered call with Commsec and have received my ETO Trading statement which shows that I have a margin owing on my open position. I did not think that a margin is held on covered calls as the stock is owned by the call seller negating the need for collateral to be...
  9. F

    Buy back or roll covered calls and sold put options close to being exercised?

    Now we have low volatility and thus lower premiums rather roll out and up for a small credit on the same day why not buy back and then sell another option on a day when the premium may be higher?
  10. P

    Fokas Beyond?

    Hi all, I signed up to this forum some time ago but I think this is my first post. Has anyone heard of the course from Fokas Beyond by George Fokas? It's based on the covered call strategy for US shares. The course is expensive but I've spoken to a couple of people who did it and they say...
  11. T

    Keen newbie trading covered calls

    Hi Everyone, Pretty glad I found this forum. I'm currently trading short on covered calls on the ASX only. Managing 2-3% Per month on my equity. I would like to up the anti and hop over to the US market. I just signed up with Interactive brokers. Is there anyone here that is...
  12. wayneL

    The Covered Call Panacea Redux

    It's whack a mole. Covered call spruikers keep popping us with the same farking BS... My FaceAche feed is being spammed with the latest iteration of the "earn 3-4-5-WHATEVER% per month" Time for another thread on this topic, especially as we seem to have some well educated optionistas here...
  13. R

    Covered calls

    I was watching Your money your call and heard one of the panelists constantly mention covered calls, so i did a bit of reading up on it. I just have a few questions like what is the risk? that the stock moves significantly higher and that the buyer exercises the option. Also if i write a covered...
  14. A

    Writing covered calls over long CFD positions

    Hi all, I have heard that you can write deep in the money covered calls over long cfd's positions by setting a guaranteed stop loss at the break even point. Example, Buy XYZ at $105, write deep in the money call at strike of $100 for $7.50 premium. Set guaranteed stop loss at $97.50. If...
  15. D

    Share renting/covered calls

    just wondering if others have made great success on share renting / covered calls
  16. wayneL

    It's Not "Share Renting" ferchrissake!

    A rental contract gives the renter possession of the item for a set, or perhaps indeterminate period in return for a fee, often paid in timely instalments. At the termination of the contract, the item is returned to the owner. The owner does not lose ownership. A call contract is...
  17. E

    Writing Covered Calls

    Also called buy/write and share renting. Basically, a friend of mine has begun "share renting" shares from Australia but on the NYSE in the USA. He does it through people called Sharelord or something like that, through a Jamie McIntyre course that he did. I haven't seen any of his accounts...
  18. A

    Trading covered calls in the U.S. market

    Hi all, i just joined up and i have read all the commentary on covered calls. Does anyone know what kind of returns you can get on covered calls on stocks in the U.S market. The reason i ask is that a certain financial seminar group is offering to educate people on how to implement the...