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    Trading Options, Selling Premium (Fig Leaf/PMCC)

    I've a query whether anyone here trades options by selling premium, ie covered calls. This does not seem to be popular strategy used by Australians, yet in the USA there are countless people doing it with large success. My question here is if anyone has views on instead of using stock, using...
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    Why isn't Intrinsic Value on an ITM Covered Call ever Profit/Earnings?

    Ive a question that has me baffled and cant seem to get this answered adequately. When writing a Covered Call (Buy/Write) In the Money (ITM) the premium is made up of Intrinsic Value & Time Value. Supposedly the Intrinsic Value is Never Ever profit. I can see how that is the case when...
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    Covered Call: ACH reject the stock being optioned

    Hi guys, Just want to share my experience with this unreasonable policy by Australia Clearing House (ACH) related to covered call a.k.a buy-write or "share renting" You will not believe this: I did covered call on OZL for Dec 08 expiry on late November Early December , as we know, OZL...