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  1. Seeking Truth

    Options Trading/Covered Call Education - Recommendations?

    I'm sure this has been posted many times before but I cant seemd to find the threads. I'd like to get some quality education and would love to hear from others who are in the game as to where they would go to get this. I'm looking to learn good capital protected / risk managed stratergies. As a...
  2. S

    Books & Magazines for sale: over 10 years of TA of Stocks and Commodities

    Not sure if this is the right place to start, I am selling some trading books and over 10 years of past Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. The books are: 1. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp 2. Market Wizards, Schwager 3. New Market Wizards, Schwager 4. Trading for a...
  3. LinSA

    Are there any recommended trading courses?

    I want to learn how to trade stocks (or whatever it is called, I am so new I am in Kindy!). As an absolute total beginner, I need a way to learn that isn't going to be too overwhelming. Sure I can go on youtube, google, books, but goodness knows what mis information may end up whirling in my...
  4. darkhorse70

    Courses For Real Estate?

    Hey peeps, Long story short, I need to start hedging against risk (in this case trading as a career) hence Im trying to diversify my skills = Property. The reality is property is a commodity and is subject to the laws of any market (supply/demand). My question is, is there any specific...
  5. Stock Jock

    [REQ] William D. Gann Online Courses

    Does anyone know if there are online educational training or webinars for the Gann Trading Method? I've heard that David E. Bowden is an expert on Gann, but I can't find anything on whether he has online courses or not. I've been searching the web for any Gann training and can't find anything...
  6. A

    Courses for trading? Books? Links? Any good ones?

    Hi all, I'm a new member of the forums and a newbie to the trading world. As such I need to learn as much as I can before I go throwing any hard earned into the market. My question is: What courses (TAFE, UNI, or otherwise) are worth doing? What books are worth the read? I would love to...
  7. fiftyeight

    Speed Reading Course

    Recently returned from holidays and had some time to do a bit of reading. I have always been a slowish reader, and now my list is growing both investing/trading and entertainment. I am thinking that a speed reading course maybe be worth my time. Anyone completed one? Are they any good? Any...
  8. S

    Sydney share trading course?

    Hello everyone im new here my name is sam nice to meet you! Hey guys i have never brought a stock before and im 24 years old, i know this may sound funny to you, but i am extremely dedicated, i truly believe that to become successful in share trading one needs to have alot of EDUCATION...
  9. T

    Course info, newb info, book info ;)

    Hi all ! ;) long time reader, follower, old poster from quite some back too. Have always been interested in shares but family and running my building company takes up a lot of my time however ,times are a changing and I'm now making more ME time ;) So I Was after people's opinions...
  10. P

    What are the best options trading courses?

    Hi, I have a newbie question, and the forum search here seems terrible - it won't let me search for this. I assume it has been answered before though. What is the best options trading education course available (preferably in Melbourne) ? I don't know where else to ask or look for the...
  11. Z

    Free Online Courses (YT)

    May have been mentioned before *sorry if its a dupe* But Yale offer some really great online (past) courses Here's one of the more technical ones. and not for everybody.... I'd recommend Robert Shiller's course... very informative...
  12. Z

    Nik Halik's courses

    Has any one done one of Nick Haliks courses or know much about the man? On paper he looks like he seems to know what he is talking about. Any ideas?
  13. M

    The Sharemarket College

    Does anyone know anything about the Sharemarke College? We have been approached to buy/join the college. You get software and 12 mths education plus lifetime membership etc. Can anyone advise. Thanks Muzzie