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  1. basilio

    Creating a cost for Carbon

    One of the key elements of moving industry to a clean energy future is putting a price on carbon. Most industry groups recognise the need and inevitability of this transition. But they also require the economic rationale to be made crystal clear so that they can legitimately make investment...
  2. I

    Retail On The Move

    This morning, the retail sector is showing early strength. The Retail Holders Trust(NYSE:RTH) is trading higher by $1.21 to $106.46 a share. When the retail sector shows intra-day strength it is usually a sign that the major stock indexes will hold up for the day. Over the past week, the retail...
  3. W

    Investment Software - What do you recommend for the beginner?

    Hey Guys, Question is in the thread title, what investment software do you recommend to the beginners? Ive searched and come across many "which software?" threads but none that were suggested for the beginner that would also help with the learning curve for T/A. Also cost per month etc would...