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  1. qldfrog

    Corruption, legal response and business a fascinating story in my opinion; but what is your view? isn't laws and by extension the gov hypocritical in...
  2. frugal.rock

    Sack Gladys Berejiklian for incompetence

    Disclaimer; This post is fiction... (or is it?) Gladys Berejiklian, you are hereby receiving 2 weeks notice that your employment is being terminated due to incompetence and gross negligence in combination with misuse of public funds. To sell a state owned asset against the general will of the...
  3. frugal.rock

    The Great Date Roll buy up of 2020

    So, the loonies are going crazy busy buying up all the date rolls. Bog rolls. A hot ticket item apparently! My local coles store, NOTHING. Didn't bother with aldi. IGA had just restocked its shelves, but had been cleaned out prior to restocking. What a time for me to run out!! I had looked at...
  4. basilio

    Corruption in Cricket

    Big story out from Al Jazzerra showing the corruption in cricket. Basically how gangsters have players perform in particular ways and bet accordingly. Very sophisticed process. It's a one hour investigative program showing conversations with the main participants (hidden cameras of course.)...
  5. K

    FOS - Is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank?

    Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank? FOS states on its website; “About us - what we do; The Financial Ombudsman Service provides accessible fair and independent dispute resolution for consumers and financial services providers". Have you...
  6. sptrawler

    ATO corruption case

    This ATO corruption case, involving the assistant commissioner, is getting interesting.
  7. basilio

    Challenging police and local government corruption

    Last year the city of Ferguson went into uproar when a young unarmed afro-American was shot by a policemen. It got worse when the policeman was not charged with any offence. There has now been a Federal investigation into the policing practices in Ferguson. I have cut and pasted a few...
  8. DocSniper

    Corruption still in Queensland

    Remember this , its the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Of all the Departments that were found to be Corrupted, The police department were made the Fall Guys and thus placed Queensland as the most Corrupted state. It is the one's the CMC...
  9. Knobby22

    457 Visas, unemployment and corruption

    Anyone reading SMH or the Age over the last few days will have seen the massive fraud and corruption going on with the 457 visas. A known mullah with links to the Taliban bringing in his mates under the 457 Visa system to do who knows what? Department figures showing that up to 90% of 457...
  10. R

    Corruption in the Liberal Party

    Just to make a change from Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald, it appears the Libs in NSW aren't as white as snow either Liberal trio named in corruption inquiry step down, avoiding suspension by...
  11. bigdog

    Gillard Wilson Blewitt - Investigations of alleged AWU corruption

    We need a new thread about Gillard after politics! Will we ever get to know what really happened???? Ms Gillard has repeatedly and strenuously denied any wrongdoing in her role as a Slater & Gordon solicitor who helped Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt establish the fund, called the AWU Workplace...
  12. dutchie

    Union Corruption

    Read this pdf file for a financial synopsis of the AWU scandal.
  13. G

    Pakistan Corruption

    Can we trust Pakistan anymore When will the corruption end? What will it all lead up to? In recent times we have the Taliban and Al qaeda infiltrating the government and armed forces. They can’t get rid of al qaeda, bin laden and the Taliban. From just about all accounts they have some...
  14. H

    Corruption in Australia

    Not long time ago Australia’s corruption free ranking dropped a notch or two in international opinion. I thought, would it be possible that migrants from corrupt countries bring some of their old habits to this country, hence lowering Australian’s previously higher ranking? If we can...