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  1. frugal.rock

    Market correction? Investors flocking to gold.

    I have been expecting a market correction for a while now, and with over $50 billion wiped from our markets yesterday, and with seemingly a similar amount being wiped off today thus far, we may be in the midst of an emerging market correction. Currently all sectors ( with the exception of gold)...
  2. Eddie_E

    Reserving cash for a correction / crash?

    Hey, just wondering how many of you leave cash aside waiting for a market correction or crash? Don't get me wrong I have a lot invested in stocks for the future, so would be prepared to ride the storm if one occurs but I'm also seeing companies riding on insane P/Es (pro medicus and nanosonics)...
  3. H

    Australian Fund Manager hands back cash to clients: Looming correction

    When comparing Australian stock markets with other Asian markets on dividend yield, I find valuation to be much better. I wouldn't exit stocks like Altair Asset Management thanks to good dividends. Not into property investing but I heard Sydney properties are getting expensive...
  4. P

    GFC 2 - or correction?

    Just wanted to sample the good folk on this forum with respect to the question above. Would it be to impertinent to get a show of hands? Been reading some worrying threads here and elsewhere where some seem convinced we're headed down to at least 4300. You guys agree or disagree?
  5. M

    Correction or crash?

    I would be interested to know what other ASF'ers believe we are experiencing - could one of the smart people put up a poll with the options: Correction Crash Thanks