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  1. System

    FEG - Far East Gold

    Far East Gold is a copper and gold exploration company that has secured commercial rights for exploration and development for six assets; three in Indonesia and three in Australia. These assets comprise: The Woyla Copper Gold Project - a highly prospective 6th generation Contract of Work in the...
  2. investtrader

    Pin holes in copper plumbing

    I don't look at any other forums and I don't know who else to ask. My house is 27 years old - I built it myself as Owner builder. I have since done a major reno 8 years ago. We had a pin hole leak in the copper plumbing while we were home. The house is large and it was in a room we weren't in...
  3. K

    DRE - Dreadnought Resources

    Floating shortly. Looking at jumping on. Opinions? Prospectus looks good to me. Anyone else on board?
  4. Userman

    UNV - Universal Copper (TSX-V)

    UNV.V - Universal Copper Closes Private Placements, Appoints Advisor
  5. Userman

    TAC.V - TASCA Resources

    $TAC.V - TASCA Resources - Trades up 12 % with 3M volume #copper #drilling #Canada #gold
  6. sjx

    HCH - Hot Chili

    I was wondering if anyone is thinking of taking a placement in this one. Due to list. Potential Chilean uranium,copper,gold producer.. Close Date: 16th April, 2010 Float Date: 27th April, 2010 Issue Price: $0.20 Amount Sought: $6,000,000 Number of Shares: 30,000,000 Interest in one of...
  7. Ann


    February 2011 saw the peak price of copper, since then it has had a steady fall with no break back up through the overhead trendline unlike gold, silver and oil. Just a steady downward trajectory.
  8. System

    KZR - Kalamazoo Resources

    Kalamazoo Resources is a gold and copper exploration, development and production company with two projects in Western Australia. KZR's flagship project is the Snake Well Project, located in the Murchison Region, approximately 450km north of Perth. The Project is north-west of the well-known...
  9. System

    SHP - South Harz Potash

    Davenport Resources is a mineral exploration company that currently holds the Southern Cross Bore copper-gold project. The Southern Cross Bore Project covers an area of 600km² about 75kms north-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Davenport proposes acquiring 100% of the issued...
  10. S

    Copper mining companies

    Does anyone have a list of ASX listed copper mining companies, or know where one can be obtained? I'm interested in companies in all stages, from exploration to production. Any help appreciated!
  11. S

    Bullish on Gold & Copper? What's your Pick?

    I've got one of those feelings that there is going to be a never ending ceiling to Gold & Copper Prices, regardless of short term movements, i think with the current state of the markets that these two commodities will prove to be winners, so in saying that, if you agree, what are you Stock...
  12. springhill

    NCO - Namibian Copper

    NCO is currently working on the Ongombo Copper Project in central Namibia. Historical drilling has produced Cu ranges from 1.3% to 3.9% with a 2.3%av. Project is situated approx 50km from a railway line that runs to port. Fellow miners in the area include Rio, Anglogold and Paladin. On the...
  13. Investor123

    Copper - General discussion

    Generally I classified copper into three phrases: Early part of the year, Mid year, and Late part of the year. Early part of the year => Customers start to order copper for their production, hence we often see copper price rising the uptrend during this period. That is the time to buy...
  14. K

    Copper drill result help? experts? gurus?

    I am just after some assistance. IF anyone can tell me if the following are good copper results that would be great. 25 million tonne inferred resource @ 2.02% copper at 400 metres depth. How does this stack up to other drill results? Is it close to economic? What makes a copper...
  15. rederob

    A case for copper?

    In the BHP thread ducati is presenting a case for the irrelevance of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) on the copper market. EVs and HEVs are very different creatures. EVs do not have a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) – the electric motor substitutes...