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  1. Funda-Struck

    Confused by confirmed buy price

    Hey all. On the 4/12 I bought some APA shares on open. The price I payed was 8.14... but the days high was 7.848. How is this possible???
  2. A

    Losing money on Investment: Confused noob :(

    Hello everybody, Hoping you guys can help me please. My question is; >Suppose I buy a $1.00 Stock for $1000 ( and no leverage it's all my money!) >Thats 1000 Shares. >Lets assume the stock goes down to .80c >>>> I AM NOW in negative territory. Will I have to give the broker more...
  3. R

    Reading 'Master The Markets' - Confused

    Been reading Master The Markets but got stuck making sense of the following: Pg 32 – Testing Supply The danger to any professional operator who is bullish, is supply coming into his market (selling), because on any rally, selling on the opposite side of the market will act as resistance to...
  4. levin123

    A Very Confused Student

    Hey Guys, I'm a student from NZ and I've been teaching myself about the markets etc for about 18 months when I've had the time. I would say that I'm pretty clued up about how the markets operate and about trading strategies etc. What I want to ask though is where/what trading...
  5. fzbkk

    Confused about day trading: can I sell before T+3?

    I am confused about the t+3 rule when buying stocks and selling. If I wanted to day trade, buy and sell a stock the same day what about the t+3 rule? My understanding is I don't yet own the stock so how can I sell it? I am interested in going long not short, if that helps.
  6. roland

    Confused - Political Party Donations

    Watching 4 Corners right now "Does money buy political favours? Sarah Ferguson investigates." I don't know about everyone else, but it really grates on me the seedy goings on presented here (not that we didn't know already). We all trade in the corporate world, and, hopefully benefiting...