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conditional orders

  1. D

    Conditional Orders on International Trades?

    Hello all. Just started trading a few months ago, still learning a lot and this seems like a great place for input. My question is; I would like to do conditional orders (stop-loss, stop-entry e.t.c) on the US market. What are the recommended brokers in Australia that can do this ?
  2. B

    Conditional Orders

    Hi, While I am learning, I am looking at conditional orders on Commsec (stop losses). My question to the learned I have to purchase a share on Commsec and then go to Conditional Orders to set the stop loss or can I buy and set the stop loss through the conditional orders screen...
  3. Cam019

    CommSec conditional order news

    Hey guys, Not sure if there are many CommSec users around here, but if you are there is some great news today! As of today (well yesterday to be exact) all conditional orders through CommSec are now free! Only the standard $19.95 brokerage applies when your conditional buy or sell orders are...
  4. A

    NabTrade iPhone app - conditional orders

    Hello there, NEWB question here. I want to set up an stop loss or conditional order for my shares. I called NAB and they said it was a free service on the mobile app. He said it's easy to set up but it is not. I've done my google and youtube before coming here and i though i might ask if...
  5. P

    Conditional Orders Problem at Westpac Online Investing

    Anyone else been hit by Trailing Conditional Orders not working as expected on Westpac Online Investing or Commsec? Westpac have a problem in their system that the info shown in screen reports on trailing orders sometimes doesn't match what the order is actually doing. Like when a trailing...
  6. S

    Commsec conditional orders - range between trigger and limit price too small?

    First post- here goes.... I want to protect a portfolio with around 20 stocks from a large fall. I'm not a regular trader, holding most stocks for around twelve months. I trade through Commsec and thought I would set conditional orders on each stock to achieve this. Yesterday I had a go at...