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  1. D

    Share Trading Account?

    I'm looking to open a share trading account for ONLINE trading... Was looking at Comsec or CMC markets. Basically I will open an account with them and put money in it. I don't care if they don't pay any interest though that would be a bonus. I will trade infrequently so I would assume I will...
  2. B

    Buying on Commsec: When is money required?

    Hi all, Just wanted to run this by. Comsec requires funds on the 3rd morning after a buy is confirmed. eg. buy on Monday, money required in the Comsec acct on a Wed morning. Can anyone confirm if this is correct?
  3. P

    Accessing Commsec from US

    Hi, just a newb question about accessing my Comsec account for up to 10 mins a day for a fortnight whilst in California. If I were to purchase an "add on" to my global roaming charges, what usage would I require? 100MB ? less? more?? Of course I would be using the phone as well (mainly texts)...
  4. M

    Commsec problems

    Hi everyone, Why would a company appear as not listed on Commsec when it obviously appears on the ASX Any ideas?
  5. Y

    Commsec question

    Hi, Unsure of the correct section. How does commsec allocate trades between buyers and sellers in this instance. You say buy at $1 yet there are sellers at .50. Is your bid price a maximum? And vice versa. You say sell at .50 although buyers are at $1. Is there some sense check that...
  6. P

    Any thoughts about the new Commsec research platform?

    I like the layout, but don't know how to judge it's usefulness yet. How does it compare to other research advisories? The only other ones I know of are Stoxline and Barchart. Are the latter 2 totally tech based?
  7. S

    Why is my Commsec brokerage $80?

    Hi guys, A few days ago I submitted a sell order below $25k. The day I submitted the order brokerage appeared to be $32. Today it's ramped up to $80. I'm just curious to know why this happens and how I can avoid the additional $50. Thanks
  8. L

    Numerous simultaneous sell limit orders (Commsec)?

    Hi all, First off, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum, but I thought such a simple question probably belonged in the newbies q&a section. =P Now, here's my question: is there any way to set numerous simultaneous sell limit orders? I'm not always at my computer so if, for...
  9. B

    First options trade on Commsec

    Hi all, Good to be on the site! :) This is my first post I'm new to trading having completed my first few trades in the last 3 months. I am using Commsec, and am now familiar with the website layout for standard purchase/sale of stocks however I would like to make my first options purchase...
  10. Tyler Durden

    Commsec error - shares I didn't buy

    Hello, I just logged into Comsec and saw in my portfolio a very small amount of shares which I did not buy. I have never even heard of the company. I will give Comsec a call on Monday, but has this ever happened to anyone before? How could something like this happen?
  11. So_Cynical

    ComSec - Account changes = you're fired!

    I received an email from Comsec today.. contents (edited appropriately) as follows. Dear Mr Cynical, I am writing to let you know about some important changes happening to your CommSec Cash Management accounts. In early 2013, we are replacing your CommSec Cash Account (CCA) and CommSec...
  12. jeromejf

    New features on your trading platform

    Today i noticed this new feature on my comsec trading platform , i know it must have been there for some time now ... But it is quite a handy feature since they did that upgrade to thier system It actually now tells you where your trade order position is in the order of getting...
  13. leeannio

    ComSec/Bell Direct interfaces

    ComSec is offering $600 free brokerage or 12 free trades (whichever is the least) which is what initially attracted me to them. I doubt I will do 12 trades within the next year, as I'm just getting my feet wet. Bell Direct is offering $15 trades, but their cash account is not covered by the...
  14. T

    E-Trade vs. Commsec

    which do you prefer and why? i have a commsec account and was wondering if it's worth opening an e-trade one. does e-trade have better features? cheers 240