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  1. A

    First time investor/shareholder question - ComputerShare Easy Update

    Hi everyone, My first post. After many years of looking around and messing around, I finally purchased some shares recently. I have a portfolio of single digit shares worth thousands of dollars! That's not actually a joke, but you've got to start somewhere right? I'll let you know if these are...
  2. Boggo

    Computershare and Link Market Services etc.

    Maybe its just me but does anyone else get fed up having to update their details with these two every time they buy a stock. Both already have my email address, TFN, ABN, Bank Account details etc but I still get mail via my accountant asking me to update my details for each purchase. Another...
  3. H

    Computershare registry: beware "Mail Returned Unclaimed"

    If any of your postal mail from Computershare bounces, you get a special "Mail Returned Unclaimed" status for that holding and you won't receive some future mail. (they just told me on the phone that "important" mail will still be sent, which I take with a grain of salt) The problem is, they...
  4. S

    Basically some time back i was given company shares as part of a profit share. My understanding is they cant be sold for a few years. Since then i have opened a westpac broking account and have dipped my toes in with some small purchases. Now i recieve mail from those companies saying to...
  5. B

    CPU - Computershare Limited

    Heavy volume on Wednesday 2/11/05