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  1. traderxxx

    Computer programmers/traders

    Hi All, just wondering if there are any traders/computer programmers in adelaide?
  2. M

    Can I buy a computer for my SMSF?

    Hi Everyone, I run my own SMSF and have multiple PC's for home and work(kids) but want a unique setup for our fund. Has anyone done this before? I know software and training courses are an acceptable expense, but a pc seems grey unless you can prove a 100% use for the fund. What other...
  3. Market Sniper

    Trading Computers

    Hi Just curious how much emphasis everyone puts into their trading computer in regards to your computers ram, hard drive, motherboard etc and whether you feel it makes a difference to your trading? Also whether day traders view a faster computer more of a necessity than longer term traders...
  4. L

    Computer tips

    Since we use a computer to make money (and post), what tips do you have to keep the thing running smoothly? Guy I know loses money sometimes all too often 'cos the computer crashes, freezes, sticks, slows to a crawl etc. I don't have a mac, so I'll offer 10 PC tips: 1. No startup...
  5. Julia

    Computer help please

    I've unwittingly got the attached as my home page. I don't want it and want to revert to Google as home page. Have gone Tools/Internet options/etc and ticked Google address as home page but this damn thing still keeps coming up. Would be really grateful for advice on fixing it. With...
  6. professor_frink

    Computer Advice

    Hi all, need some computer advice from any experts out there. Situation is as follows- Currently I have my broker's workstation open during the day with quotetracker/Amibroker running off it. I'm looking for a way to be able to automatically shutdown the programs and turn my computer off a...
  7. Julia

    Computer Problem

    I'm technologically disadvantaged (!) and would be grateful if someone could offer some advice on the following. Twice in the last 24 hours after starting the computer, I have got a black screen with white letters at the top telling me to reboot using the correct something - sorry can't...