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  1. Dominover

    Extra Company Information (submissions etc.)?

    Would anyone know where I can find additional company information (quantitative or qualitative). I have recently read in 'Security Analysis' that at times what American company's present to their shareholders can differ from that reported to the SEC. I was wondering if this kind of situation...
  2. warennie

    Finding the strike price of company issued options?

    How do I find the Strike Price of Company Issued Options? For example CTPO or GTEO... Do i need to go through all there announcements to find what they issued them at? Or is there a website that has this information?
  3. T

    Using the company to buy shares?

    Hi guys, I'm real new to share trading so please go easy! Currently, I have a company structure in place - originally set up for my music business/studio (money pit) for liability concerns on advice from my lawyer wife (not a finance lawyer!). It's been running at a loss for the last couple...
  4. S

    Family Trust vs. Company

    Hey guys, i want to know the advantages and disadvantages of starting a family trust/company to invest in property and shares, or is just better to do neither? thx in advance