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  1. P

    Listed investment Company Directors, what do they do?

    Either me being overly sceptical and thinking this is a bit of a gravy train, or are these posts really justified and add value to company’s, seems there are more than a few people making a VERY good living from being on the board of multiple LIC,s. Noticed just today with Wilson funds (ASX...
  2. D

    Directors options purchasing

    Just wondering if there is anywhere (source or within the financial statement) that can tell you if directors of certain companies are buying options. I know within the statements it has their remuneration and employee options etc. What about though when it comes to purchasing options, just...
  3. springhill

    Company maps and directors

    Hi all, I am looking for 2 things. * A definitive website/program download you can use to view a companies tenements and those surrounding it. * A website that has comprehensive information and history on company directors. Google searching isn't turning up anything of great value, I'm...