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  1. E

    CommSec questions

    In the CommSec app when you click into a share it says at the top corner “volume” does that mean how many shares there are available at the moment or the total shares they sold?
  2. G

    CommSec Profit question

    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can explain this issue with CommSec. I've been a shareholder in a company for a week. Yesterday their share value started at 0.160 and finished the same at 0.160. I'm even there. I purchased shares in another company around 30mins after trading started and the...
  3. J

    Minimum Marketable Parcel - Commsec International

    Evening all, Maybe a dumb one and probably self-explanatory since I couldn't find a different answer on Commsec outside of the international fee differences. Just wondering if trading internationally has a new minimum marketable parcel that what there is for the ASX on Commsec? ASX is $500 AUD...
  4. flurbius

    Setting a stop loss order through Commsec international trading screen

    Hello, Is there anyone familiar with the commsec international trading screen, could you explain how to use it to set an order to sell shares when the price falls to a certain level. I understand the theory of what Im trying to do but Im not sure how to convey that to the commsec website. Im...
  5. S

    CommSec stock ownership

    Hello, I’m sorry for what may be a rather simple or obvious answer to my question, but here I am nonetheless so thank you for bearing with me in advance :). I saw a video some time back relating to the ownership of stocks. To simplify my limited knowledge, apparently some brokerages let you buy...
  6. tinhat

    Commsec - Portfolio holdings does not always use current market price

    Rant warning! When you view your portfolio holdings in Commsec it does not always use the current market price for your stocks. It only uses the last price traded on the ASX and excludes Chi-X trades. I assume that gets fixed up at end of day (?!?) but during the day it uses last ASX price only...
  7. D

    Commsec - Dividend Statement Error

    Do not rely on the annual COMMSEC dividend statement for your Tax Return. I was fortunate to notice that one statement for VTS for September 2018 was not on my summary. After a number of calls to Commsec and Computershare, Commsec manually added it into my summary list. I wonder how many other...
  8. F

    Commsec forex

    Also anyone have experience with commsec forex- they seem to offer guaranteed stop losses etc; looking up them they state the fee for a GSLO is A Limited Risk CFD Account will require a Guaranteed Stop Loss (GSL) to be placed on all trades; starts from just 0.3%* of the underlying transaction...
  9. qprjames

    Commsec trading - ''Health checks'' on my portfolio

    Hi there, I've started trading on Commsec. More for a bit of fun more than anything. Play money (rather than giving it to crown casino!). I'll be the first to admit i really have no idea what i am doing, so tend to go for the large cap stocks. Plus i expect to keep the stocks for 10+ years so...
  10. futureperth

    Commsec for trades, but what else for further charts/analysis?

    Good evening all, First post here, so here goes... I am using Commsec for my actual trades/orders, and subscribed to morningstar for some extra recommendations. I tested out IRESS last night and gosh it was horrible, so i unsubscribed and came across Turbo Trader which seems to have a...
  11. D

    Commsec or Vanguard Direct for purchasing?

    I am looking at buying some shares, VGAD but I am unsure whether to use my commsec account or buy direct from Vanguard. It appears that I only have a one of brokerage feed with Commsec but I have a yearly maintenance fee if I use Vanguard. Is this correct?? Thanks, Jason
  12. M

    Commsec Beginner

    Hello to everyone, Absolutely new to the stock market. Very interested in agricultural stocks I have started with: BUB A2M SFG I know I am meant to diversify but my interest lies in agriculture so am sticking with it for awhile Next on the list will be AAC RFF And one I am very tempted...
  13. B

    Changing from CommSec

    Hi all, I have traded withcomsec for about 5 years and am looking to change brokers. Has anyone had any experience with cmc markets? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  14. I

    Covered call margins

    Hi all, I have just written a covered call with Commsec and have received my ETO Trading statement which shows that I have a margin owing on my open position. I did not think that a margin is held on covered calls as the stock is owned by the call seller negating the need for collateral to be...
  15. Cam019

    CommSec conditional order news

    Hey guys, Not sure if there are many CommSec users around here, but if you are there is some great news today! As of today (well yesterday to be exact) all conditional orders through CommSec are now free! Only the standard $19.95 brokerage applies when your conditional buy or sell orders are...
  16. A

    Commsec W-8BEN Form Enquiry

    Hi guys, i have a question regarding the W-8BEN FORM that i have to scan in to Commsec due to tax purposes. I am not a citizen of Australia. How do i fill up the form? I've called the customer service of Commsec and according to them, i would need a signature from a police, accountant, or a...
  17. F

    Need help with CommsecIRESS

    I just signed up with commseciress today. I execute the java program by logging into commsec normally with my commsecID that starts with 5, and has 8 digits. I get this error message every time I log in under 'Trading' => IOS Status - COMMSECR - IOS Error: User 5XXXXXXX Invalid Password...
  18. A

    Is Commsec good for beginners?

    Hi everyone, I've decided to try my hand at trading and have started the journey of researching. Will just play around with 1-2k to start with while I read books and websites and gather up information. I know absolutely nothing about anything at the moment. A few guys at work have used Commsec...
  19. A

    Minimum trade amounts

    Iv joined up to CommSec which has a minimum trade amount of $500 Are there any online brokers that allow a smaller amount for initial trades? Also are there any online brokers with fees lower than CommSecs $19.95?
  20. S

    Testamentary Trust Commsec issues - Please assist!

    Hi All, I am due to receive quite a large amount of shares from my late fathers estate however I have come into great difficulty establishing an Testamentary Trust account with CommSec. Unfortunately, CommSec rejected my application due to my name not being on Probate. However, the...