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  1. DB008

    More BetaShares Commodity/Currency ETFs coming soon to the ASX

    Hi traders, I posted in this thread a few weeks ago in regards to a new Gold ETF that has started trading. The company that offers this is called Betashares. At the moment, they have 4 ETF's; Gold ASX Resources Sector ETF ASX Finance Sector ETF US Dollar ETF...
  2. M

    Time In The Market

    I was reflecting on the commodity boom Australia has experienced over the decades and wanted to express this performance in terms of an increase in value of buying a share in the resource sector. Of course, this is all with the benefit of hindsight, and probably unlikely to re-occur in the...
  3. basilio

    Coal - the caring commodity

    Found a creative new website set up to highlight the work that Peabody coal does to protect the health of children, particularly asthmatics, around their coal fired power station. Certainly an interesting exercise in public relations. Rest of the website...
  4. sam76

    The "For Sale" thread

    A few of the forums I'm a member of have a for sale section. With over 15,000 members here it would seem we might be able to help each other out. As per Joe's approval of the idea perhaps we could leave the thread unlocked so that the seller can go back and either delete/amend their post...
  5. wayneL

    CORN: The commodity for 2007

    Forget those crappy base metals, corn is the next big bull market according to Peter Kordell. I hope so. :D
  6. D

    Commodity cycles

    Found an interesting paper from the Yale International Centre for Finance on commodities cycles and their phases, after they studied commodities futures market cycles from 1959-2004. It states that there are 4 parts to the business cycle... 1. late expansion (where it's likely we are now), 2...