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  1. divs4ever

    Five lessons for bond investors from the Virgin collapse DYOR
  2. F

    The collapse of the US dollar

    One thing history can tell us is that currency's never stay on the top, Fiat money is fake money therefore it'll always change. When the dollar does collapse those nice looking couple or that nice young man will surely be on a rampage for some blood. America is printing 85 billion a month.. with...
  3. skc

    Sonray collapse

    This just in... You often hear that you need to choose your CFD provider carefully, as OTC means exactly that - you need to be aware of the counterparty risks. I hope no one here is affected too much.
  4. noirua

    Collapse followed by strategy

    Following on from the "waffling at Random blog". After losing virtually everything after the 1987 stock market crash, I stayed long enough to put my affairs in order. Then I left, and only returned to Australia on four occasions in the 20 years that followed. Having worked away on three other...