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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Retrospective Taxation by Coalition forces GG to Catch a Virgin

    The disgraceful retrospective taxation of those holding more than $1.6m in Pension phase in a SMSF has forced me to leave my eyrie at the Ross River Hotel in search of attractive "punts". I prefer to lose on a gut feeling rather than give to the government to waste on even more crazy projects...
  2. B

    Telstra and NBN if the Coalition Win Election

    Hi All, I wondering what the general feeling is towards Telstra if the coalition win the election. Labor have opted for fibre to premise and agreed a contract worth 11 billion with Telstra for the rollout of the NBN. Liberal prefer fibre to the node and say it will be cheaper. David...
  3. drsmith

    Federal election Saturday, September 14, 2013

    Polish the baseball bats folks. She's announced the date. This will be a very, very long campaign.
  4. drsmith

    Coalition election policies

    As per the thread title. It may also be of interest to start similar threads for ALP policies and those of minor parties if others wish to do so. Policies are available from the following link, The first thing I went to was the savings table. $9bn...
  5. M

    Industrial warfare after coalition gets control of senate?

    One risk I see going into 2nd 1/2 of 2005 is industrial warfare after the coalition gets control of senate. I have talked to people on management side (naively rubbing their hands with glee) and union side (surprisingly pesimistic). To start the ball rolling...