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  1. A

    CMC Demo Account

    Hi I used to trade a CFD Demo account on CMC but the last fews days after logging in I cant view any charts. On the platform where it shows all the stock particulars (OHLC etc) fashing away it just all of the sudden says: "In Live Account Only" writtten over every stock in the list. This has...
  2. D

    Share Trading Account?

    I'm looking to open a share trading account for ONLINE trading... Was looking at Comsec or CMC markets. Basically I will open an account with them and put money in it. I don't care if they don't pay any interest though that would be a bonus. I will trade infrequently so I would assume I will...
  3. M

    Using CMC CFD platform

    So I have a CMC stockbroking account, and for $10 a month I can get live data, course of sale ect. Now on the CFD platform you get much better charting tools, but do you get the depth and course of sale data? Has anyone tried this? Seems like you can open a CFD account for free, seems like...
  4. S

    CMC Markets share order entry

    HI, I am just starting to use CMC for shares not CFD's. Not sure how I place a stop entry order or if you can e.g. 1. if ABC is trading at $1.00 but I want to confirm my thoughts of an uptrend first and not buy until it reaches $1.10 how do I place this order? 2. Also, say a XYZ is at...
  5. jimdicko

    CMC - China Magnesium Corporation Anyone else read this prospectus?? Any thoughts? Hot copper has a $200k allocation and is rebating 2.5% of the 5% broker rip.
  6. weatherbill

    CFD Brokers

    I am thinking of going with IG for my CFD broker. Has anyone had any experience with them? I want to go with them because they are very reputable and have alot of choice in what I can trade. Are there other things to consider that I and others visiting this thread might not be seeing...
  7. D

    CMC Pro Trader course?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone did the 2 day CMC Pro Trader course? any good? :confused: thanks.