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  1. J

    Stop loss settings on IG versus CMC question

    Hi all I have been using CMC and have recently opened an account with IG as well and find a difference in stop loss setting which is prompting me to ask a question here. On CMC for ETF trading I can set a stop loss at the time of doing the buy order. ''If the stock trades at or below etc it...
  2. cb3d

    CMC Markets/TradingView - technical analysis

    Hi folks! So I've signed up with CMC markets to have a crack at Forex. Been trading BTC solidly for about 6 months and starting to see some consistent profits (finally broke even after some heavy losses early on!). So yeah, opened an account with CMC CFDs. Thing is I'm used to doing my...
  3. J

    Fee to deposit cash into my online broking account

    Hi there. I'm just getting started and tonight I set up an online trading account with CMC. Their fees on trades seem reasonable but then when I looked at the "How do I fund my account" section, looks like I got to pay 0.6% of the deposit amount to deposit cash into my CMC account...
  4. B

    Alternative to CMC Markets

    Hi guys, I'm currently using CMC markets but looking for an alternative option for an online broker. Initially was quite interested in Interactive Brokers but found out that the Australian entity is not SIPC insured nor is it CHESS sponsored (is there any way to register with the US LLC...
  5. peter2

    New ANZ share trading account (CMC platform)

    I'm unable to access the new ANZ trading platform. Log in page times out before loading. Would someone please confirm or not.
  6. I

    CMC Markets having issues today?

    I woke up this morning to see all of my open orders (stop losses) "rejected". All my stocks still show up under Stock Holdings but I am unable to re-enter my stop losses. If I go into any stock to buy or sell, it says "invalid stock code entered". Very strange and a little worrying. I tried to...
  7. S

    CMC Markets advisory fee

    Hi, I want to leave ANZ, but when I investigated CMC stockbroking it has this: CMC Markets Stockbroking will charge an Adviser Service Fee (ASF) of 1% per annum however there are no fees charged by BankWest for this account. Interest rates shown are net of the 1% p.a. ASF. I rang up to ask...
  8. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums and CMC Markets 2016 reader survey

    Aussie Stock Forums and CMC Markets are proud to partner for the 2016 reader survey. The purpose of this short survey is to provide our valued audience the chance to share your needs and wants for this year and beyond on Aussie Stock Forums and CMC's platform. This is an ideal opportunity...
  9. Dividend

    Is CMC Markets Master Class worth going to?

    I just registered for free since I use CMC, is it worth going even if just to see Bollinger in person?
  10. M

    Using CMC CFD platform

    So I have a CMC stockbroking account, and for $10 a month I can get live data, course of sale ect. Now on the CFD platform you get much better charting tools, but do you get the depth and course of sale data? Has anyone tried this? Seems like you can open a CFD account for free, seems like...
  11. F

    CMC Advisor Service Fee

    Unbelievable!! I was looking at my CMC account, and noticed I have been charged $2.99 for an "advisor service fee". I wasn't too sure what it was for, but remembered I sent them an email querying them about something. I want to email them to ask what they charged me $2.99 for, but they will...
  12. Modest

    CMC Markets Stockbroking Account

    What is the general consensus on this account for trading ASX equities? My plan is to swing trade primarily, 2 - 3 trades per week most likely. Start off with 10k to play with. Good risk management and trading plan. I will primarily be using technical analysis with 20% of time going into...
  13. L

    CMC Markets tax reporting

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on CMC stockbroking tax reporting functions as I am looking at the option of trading with them next financial year. Under the statements tab there is the ability to search in time frames i.e financial years or months and generate a...
  14. A

    Which CFD broker is better - CMC Markets, IG, FPM or City Index?

    Hello everyone! I want to open a CFDs trading account and am considering the following brokers - CMC Market, IG, FPM and City Index - which one would you recommend? I'd appreciate if you can also share your experience, good or bad, with any of them. Thanks. Sam (aka Australian Surfer)
  15. S

    CMC Markets share order entry

    HI, I am just starting to use CMC for shares not CFD's. Not sure how I place a stop entry order or if you can e.g. 1. if ABC is trading at $1.00 but I want to confirm my thoughts of an uptrend first and not buy until it reaches $1.10 how do I place this order? 2. Also, say a XYZ is at...
  16. A

    CMC Markets stockbroking designed to steal your interest

    CMC markets offer attractive brokerage rates ($9.90 minimum or 0.1%) making commsec, nabtrade, and etrade for example overly expensive. For example $15000 traded with cmc will cost you $15 rather than 29.95 with commsec and nabtrade making cmc the broker of choice for certain. But they give...
  17. S

    IG and CMC Markets real time data down

    Anyone else notice both CMC and IG markets real time data feeds are down? Solar
  18. pavilion103

    CMC Markets = no volume?

    I'm going to open an IB account, but just opened up my CMC one for the first time since I begun learning to trade. Is there no volume on the charts? Surely not! That would be insane.
  19. A

    CMC CFD demo and live accounts

    Hi, I've signed up for a demo account trading CFds. At the moment I'm going to just practice and focus on two markets, gold and silver. I follow these markets closely and know what makes it move. Practicing since monday I have managed to profit 5k mucking around. Highly leveraged, but...
  20. warakawa

    CMC Markets calling me up to open a CFD account with them

    I open a cmc share trading account last month because of their low brokage fee. I now have this Chinese guy named William calling me up all the time asking me to open a cfd account with them. He said that I can keep all the profit however if there are any loses in the first five consecutive days...