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climate change

  1. A

    Is there a tool for assessing carbon exposure of stocks and indexes?

    I want an easy tool to assess climate exposure (fossil fuels etc) of the assets (individual stocks and ETFs) in my portfolio. I want to remove as much carbon exposure as I can to remove the risk of ending up with worthless stranded assets in my portfolio. Any ideas where I can easily find this...
  2. SirRumpole

    Investment implications of Climate Change

    How to profit from global warming, where to invest, what to avoid.
  3. basilio

    Donald Trump withdraws US from Paris CC accord: Where to now?

    Donald Trump has announced the US will withdraw from the Paris CC accord. How do we think this will impact international CC agreements, political relations with every other country and God knows what else ?
  4. Knobby22

    Business decisions related to climate change

    I thought I would start a new thread that showed hard nosed businessmen making tough decisions because they understand we are undergoing climate change. If you see a decision like this please post it. First one below: Climate drives big wine deal Andrew Darby August 17, 2010...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    Prosecute Climate Change Advocates

    It would appear that the global warming debate has been a combination of ignorance, misguided science, greedy opportunists and gullibility in equal measure, by those who argue in its favour. It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is a load of codswallop. Those who have profited from...
  6. GumbyLearner

    The hegemony of Climate Change

    This is hilarious. ROTFLMAO. Next they'll be on Oprah telling her to ground her jets.
  7. M

    Resisting Climate Hysteria

    Resisting climate hysteria by Richard S. Lindzen July 26, 2009 A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action Link-
  8. 2020hindsight

    The psychology of climate change

    Some interesting articles ... Is this a problem with the human psyche - i.e. that climate change is (arguably) slipping down our 'To Do' list? Or our leaders perhaps - how they describe the problem to an...
  9. 2020hindsight

    Global Warming - How Valid and Serious?

    What do ASF members think of Global Warming, man's contribution thereto, and the urgency to act?. Notes .. GW = global warming brd = beyond reasonable doubt a) there is no reliable evidence that indicates global warming (GW) b) there is GW, BUT the manmade contribution is UNPROVEN...
  10. A

    The Climate Change Policy Thread

    I can't find any threads that deal mainly with our current range of political party's climate change policies, so with the election nearing thought it might be a good idea to open one where discussion on aspects of climate change policies can be focussed.. Feel free to comment! AJ