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    Which CFD broker is better - CMC Markets, IG, FPM or City Index?

    Hello everyone! I want to open a CFDs trading account and am considering the following brokers - CMC Market, IG, FPM and City Index - which one would you recommend? I'd appreciate if you can also share your experience, good or bad, with any of them. Thanks. Sam (aka Australian Surfer)
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    City Index CFDs

    hi all im new to trading CFDs, anyone has any experience on CFDs who would like to enlighten me about their experiences, please let me know here :D
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    Beware of City Index

    Folks beware of Cityindex. My father and I both have accounts and both have been sold out of positions at prices where the share didn't even trade that day. We didn't have stop losses on the positions. When i confronted them they said that there had been a processing error in their London...