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choosing a broker

  1. jono543

    Questions about choosing a broker

    Hi I’m new to investing and looking for some advice on where I should open an account. My history I’ve been in passively managed funds for long time. I’ve sold my house and come into some money that I want to trade using ETF's, I’ll be semi actively trading ETF’s with account balance in...
  2. M

    Best/Favourite (Reputable) Forex Broker in Australia or New Zealand?

    FXCM, IC Markets, Axitrader, Thinkforex, IG Markets, Global Prime or Alpari? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am based in Auckland,NZ and therefore would prefer broker a little closer to 'home'; I can't seem to make a decision on which broker to choose as they all seem to have some...
  3. M

    Choose an online trading broker

    Hi, I am a beginner. I'm going to do the first step, to choose a broker. There are three options I collected. 1. interactive 2. plus500 3. ufxmarkets I'd like to choose plus500, looks like its an Aussie firm, and it seems to support Bitcoin trading, and I downloaded their software, looks...
  4. C

    Things to consider when choosing a US penny stock broker

    Hi, I have $500 and one of my friends advised me to invest that in penny stocks. I researched it on Internet and found that the stocks whose value is under $5 are called "Penny Stocks". I then searched if all brokers facilitate this service. Unfortunately, the answer is no. My question is...
  5. noident

    Choosing an online broker

    Greetings! I know the topic of choosing a broker has been brought up multiple times and I have browsed through all the posts I could find. They did contain answers to some questions I have but not all the questions. I would appreciate any answers/suggestions and hope that this thread may be...