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  1. GumbyLearner

    Apple iPhone & China seal censorship deal

    Apple blocking Dalai Lama, Kadeer, iPhone apps: report WASHINGTON ”” Bowing to Chinese law, Apple is reportedly blocking iPhone users in China from downloading applications about two figures Beijing...
  2. L

    Made In CHINA
  3. MrBurns


    Anyone else see a trend here ? China is consuming resources in record volumes. What are they doing ? The USA seems to be faltering. Could the balance of power be shifting ?, I for one hope not because , no offense intended, I just don't trust them.
  4. Toothyfish

    Do the Chinese have a Shanghai Composite Futures index like the SPI 200?

    Hi, Do the Chinese have a futures market for their Shanghai Composite index? I would think so, but haven't been able to find out what it is called and where it is traded. I had a look at the Bloomberg website and it only quotes the futures for the Nikkei, Hang Seng and SPI. I would think that...
  5. H

    China: The Big Picture...

    ** the SSE is sending out a very strong signal today, the third in the last few days. Like typhoon Morakot, it will be devastating to the markets in the Asian region... including ASX.
  6. H

    China scores own goal!?

    It's a goal! ** seems plausible. But I was of the opinion all the while that the Chinese stocking of all kind of base metals in the last few months is very much a defensive move, driven by multi-facet needs - political, monetary, financial, etc. Thus far, if I can recall correctly they had...
  7. hotbmw

    REITs - Hong Kong & China

    Hey Guys, Im interested in investing in this sector in a couple of months time,. How do i invest? Is anyone invested already or looking to do the same thing? How do i find info on the best REIT's in Hong Kong & China? I would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance Rob
  8. D

    Goldman Sachs bullish on China

    Goldman Sachs has come out on Friday with a very bullish position on China's economy. Deng Tishun their China guru expects the economy to stabilise in the second half of 2009 and to take the country's stock markets up with it.He suggests that the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index which tracks China's...
  9. H

    Haunting's economics blog

    ...a dinner withChinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan We will be hearing a lot more from Wang now that he has been introduced. Between him and Paulson and all the deals that had been announced that worth tens of billion, what is not clearly reported is this - many are taking the view that...
  10. Uncle Festivus

    End of the China bull?

    There appears to be emerging signs that China has not de-coupled from the rest of the worlds problems. Internal rampant inflation and pressure on food supplies from a cold snap may temper the rate of growth, with local implications/ramifications for Australia? Food commodities the...
  11. Gurgler

    China Reflections

    Having been here in China on and off for four of the past six years, I thought it might be of interest to share some of my perspectives on this rapidly emerging economy, whose long-term impact is yet to be really felt by the world at large. The first thing that sinks in is the marked...
  12. T

    China to invest $100 billion on railway from Shanghai to Beijing

    There is an imminent business opportunity in China. Its 100 billion rail way project has been proved and finished it feasibility study. I feel there should be some Australian company would benefit from this project and get a share of this 100 billion. But I am not sure which one. BHP and iron...
  13. D

    AGF - AMP Capital China Growth Fund

    AMP Capital China Growth Fund Interested to know your thoughts of this fund and interested to know whether you think the shares will trade at a discount in january 07. Cheers, - Duncan
  14. C

    China's agenda

    Worth a read:
  15. D

    China revalues Yuan

    China has revalued its Yuan peg to the US dollar and will . This could mean that they won't be buying as much USD's so support for it could evaporate. In my opinion, this could cause inflation in the US and I don't think that it will cause a decrease in the deficit. This could cause the...
  16. M

    Dodgy Chinese financial systems

    Basically saying the chineese have no qualms about reneging on their financial contracts. This is one of the reasons most people don't really see china as an open market economy. (except kowtowing ar@# lickers LOL). "Speaking through an interpreter Mr Huang said if iron ore prices dropped...
  17. T

    China: stocks to benefit from continued growth?

    CHINA- If I believe CHINA still has a lot of strength left in it and the year of the rooster will be a great year for China’s growth and the resource companies that supply that growth.. then where best would you allocate a percentage of your trading funds? I’m looking at BSL, BHP...