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  1. pixel

    FTA with China - so much for "Free" Trade If it suits the Chinese Central Committee, they stifle imports by slapping a tariff on imported goods. This should always have been a concern, but was conveniently overlooked by...
  2. H

    How will Australian economy adjust to a more service-oriented China?

    Australia was a beneficiary when China was a manufacturing powerhouse gobbling up the world's commodities. Now, China is transforming itself to be more service-oriented instead of manufacturing-oriented, more consumption-based and less investment-driven. This means China will buy less...
  3. sptrawler

    Will China end up owning the World?

    It is really hard to see, how China won't end up owning everything. Most manufacturers have relocated their production base to China, the country is completely controlled by the Government, which directly funds all facets of development. It is difficult to see how they will fail.IMO In our...
  4. goponcho

    Strategies to profit from Chinese economic slump?

    Hi, What are some broad strategies to benefit from the marked decline in Chinese economy? With a long term value mindset. How is this achievable with AUDs without having to predict exchange rates? Thanks,
  5. Tisme

    Has China Run Its Race?

    It seems China has realised that its trading partners aren't doing well, so maybe they aren't either. Running an autocratic business will always result in favourable monthly/annual financial reports but it will catchup eventually. I suspect China will have to take stock and look at its real...
  6. Tyler Durden

    China plans to create new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Thoughts? I wouldn't have thought it'd be that easy to just create another IMF? Is this why China has been hoarding gold all this time?
  7. S

    Do you wish Chinese economy crash?

    yes or no
  8. SuperGlue

    Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

    "Change in a big way next Monday, when China launches its game-changing “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect” program. For the first time ever, retail investors around the world will be able to invest in mainland Chinese equities." Interesting & exciting times ahead.....much more volatile HS...
  9. DeepState

    Growing US isolationism in tandem with exclusionary policies toward China

    From the Economist this week. Extracted from an article ("The 70 Year itch") relating to the Bretton Woods institutions: If you are interested, I'd be curious for your thoughts on: 1. Is the US gradually withdrawing from world affairs and returning to its historically isolationist...
  10. SirRumpole

    China on the brink of Catastrophe?

    Did anyone see Four Corners last Monday ? China's boom is based on borrowed money from "shadow banks", and if these debts are called in, China's economy could crash and take the rest of the world with it. It could make the...
  11. CanOz

    China's Greatest Threat - Pollution

    I thought i would start this thread to post up some articles of how polluted the air, water, soil is here in China. No wonder all that can afford it, are buying land overseas. Last night was Lunar New Year. In what was already a smoggy day, the local tradition of lighting massive amounts of...
  12. Tyler Durden

    China's growth is supported by... credit?

    This was a great article I found on SMH today and wanted to share and hopefully lead to some fruitful discussions on the merits of the article. Here's an extract:
  13. Ann

    China Shanghai Composite Index - Technical Analysis and more

    Since 2009 the China Shanghai Composite Index has been travelling in a falling channel. It is currently working its way up to resistance. It may break through or fall back, only time will tell.
  14. CanOz

    My frustration in working for a Chinese company

    Well, here I am into my second week of working for a private Chinese business. I can say that in addition to the technical issues, there is a immeasurable need for cultural change,starting at the top. This past ten days I have seen: An unwillingness to make decisions, for fear of failure...
  15. cogs

    China Calls For New World Currency

    Interesting pressure from China last year. Only a small article but should make more concerning headlines as time goes by. "On Saturday China criticised what it called the short-sighted wrangling in the United States...
  16. C

    China Accelerates Stimulus: 1 Trillion Yuan Lent in June 2012

    Hey Guys The Chinese are accelerating their stimulus measures with bank lending set to almost double this month to a massive 1Trillion Yuan or $160Billion. You would expect continued additional stimulus measures to be announced in the months ahead! We need to remember that the ASX...
  17. Glen48

    Chinese banks given OK to dump $US

    Chinese banks have been given the OK to dump US $ so I guess it is now a race to the bottom for Euro or the USD, this could cause a crash and mad panic Gold etc could go down with it as well until the punters realise they need to put their money some where and move back into Gold. Its 1929 all...
  18. System

    IZZ - iShares FTSE China 25 ETF

    The iShares FTSE China 25 Index Fund seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the FTSE China 25 Index. The Index is designed to represent the performance of the largest companies in the China equity market that are...
  19. T

    The China Bubble

    Hi All, I'm raising this issue to see what peoples thoughts are. I personally currently see China as the next most likely country to have a serious crash. Whilst other countries do look arguably crook in their own ways, do to specific things (US monetary and fiscal policy, for instance), as...
  20. Gringotts Bank

    The new China

    I think I prefer the old China. The new china at a glance: - corruption deeply entrenched in every aspect of society, especially big business and the ruling reds. - female infanticide (the chinese all want boys to carry on the family name so a lot of the baby girls get dumped in the toilet or...