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  1. Wedgy

    Who really is the aggressor?

    Is Australia on the right side, being a West Aussie, I shudder everytime our prime minister talks foreign policy. We hear a lot about Chinese aggression and their expansion plans, sure some of the border activity is questionable but they argue that it has always been Chinese territory, my...
  2. W

    China's Energy Crisis

    It seems that China, along with Western Europe, are struggling to deal with rising energy costs brought on by the fact that thermal coal is now at all time highs and gas is in limited supply. China has had to ration its electricity use, with several industries & homes being asked to limit their...
  3. greggles

    China's Evergrande Group crisis

    This is starting to get very serious. The Evergrande Group has $300 billion of liabilities and it is increasingly looking like it will default. Some analysts have described the Evergrande crisis as “China’s Lehman Brothers moment” But the problems with China's property sector look terminal...
  4. SirRumpole

    China and The West: Political Systems Compared and Contrasted

    The drums of war are beating according to Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezullo. Seriously, are we really going to send soldiers into battle over Taiwan against a country of a billion people ? It's got...
  5. basilio

    China vs. USA: Why a military conflict may happen and military might compared

    Just a bit of perspective about war and devastation. I just finished watching a doco on SBS. It was the final of a 3 part series on the German blitz on Liverpool in May 1941. Seven nights of hellish bombing that killed thousands of people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes and...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    When China invades Taiwan: Where to Stocks and Bonds?

    I was running some scenarios with the yardman from the hotel last night and the small matter of Wolf Diplomacy by the Chinese cousins came up. I believe the CCP recently enjoined their hapless Ambassador in Canberra to front a movie worthy of a sixpenny seat in the stalls in the 1950's. From the...
  7. frugal.rock

    The Chinese G Dollar: USD under attack

    So, this has gone under my radar... China is pushing for a gold backed renminbi. Could explain why the US is buying up gold. Further research needed, will pick the brains of the wife who is currently obsessed with the imminent? downfall of the CCP. Anyone aware of this? Any other information at...
  8. Garpal Gumnut

    China Preparing Military: End of World Trade As We Knew It

    The world press is reporting as of 9pm AEST that President Xi Peng has announced that he is preparing his military to solve some of it's problems post-Coronavirus. He has stated that China is in a better state militarily because of Coronavirus than the USA. The suggestion is that he will...
  9. K

    Chinese Historical Tick Data

    Does anyone know where I can find and purchase Chinese historical tick data? Seems like so hard to find out there.
  10. dutchie

    It's Time To Tell China To Get Nicked

    Hugging China hasn’t done us any favours I agree with Douglas Murray It isn’t healthy to...
  11. finicky

    China a Failed State and a Rogue State to the rest of the World

    Contributions gratefully received
  12. basilio

    China: As it is

    It is interesting to consider our views of China. I suppose we all recognise it is an authoritarian state BUT they are our biggest trading partner, they do send a truck load of tourists, students and home buyers to us and frankly, most investors aren't that fussed about the ethics of the places...
  13. frugal.rock

    End of the China Bull? Part 2.

    So, some first hand news from the Missus in Beijing. Shop's and restaurants are closed in general. Some supermarkets are open and playing a new government issued song about wearing a mask. It's become a little popular apparently. Masks are to be worn outside at all times. There's 4 to 6 inches...
  14. greggles

    Economic implications of a SARS/Coronavirus outbreak

    I've always thought that when the end comes for humankind on this planet, it will be a highly contagious deadly virus that wipes us out. It will be nature's way of getting rid of what is throwing the balance of nature out. With the world's population continuing to increase at a rate of knots...
  15. bigdog

    IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency The International Monetary Fund sees little evidence that China's central bank has deliberately reduced the value of...
  16. S

    Trade War; China; Chinese Economy; Alibaba, and etc.

    We're approaching the end of week 1, June 2019. The G20 is in about 3 weeks, and there seems to be no deescalation of the ongoing trade dispute between USA and China; in fact, it's further escalating e.g.: Mexico. Having said this, I think it's important that we take a step back and really view...
  17. S

    Weibo (WB:NASDAQ) - the "Twitter of China"

    There is an absolute slaughter-fest in China's stock market at the moment! A stock that has been hit extra hard is Weibo (WB:NASDAQ). Not only has it been sold off because of fears of the entire Chinese market slowing down, but after Baidu (BIDU) reported disappointing numbers, all internet...
  18. greggles

    ASX delisting Chinese companies at a record rate

    Rest of article: I think the question needs to be asked, why were these companies admitted in the first place? The ASX is obviously cracking down now, well after the fact, but there should have been a far...
  19. sptrawler

    Sell W.A. to China

    I was getting annoyed with all the political and economic rhetoric, so I thought I would run it past my missus, who is the most uninterested person in the universe. She said, we should sell W.A to China, no one wants it and it would be worth trillions. Then we could use the money, to have a...
  20. MrBurns

    Chinese influence in Australia

    Chinese influence in Australia is right in our faces now. This is not a racist post at all. There are sections of the Chinese community that are faithful to Beijing and the communist party. Beijing believes they have sovereign rights over many countries including Australia, they believe they...