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    Investing for my children and capital gains

    I have been investing in Property for the past 20 years but I am now about to start investing in shares. I want to set up portfolios for each of my kids. I want to know whether I have to pay capital gains tax on any shares that sell for a profit that were held in my children's name.
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    Investing for children's education

    I assume the best way to invest for my children is to start up an account in their name - meaning that there will be no tax as would be the case if set up in my name? Out of curiousity, what's to stop people claiming that they are doing this when in fact they intend to use the money for their...
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    Buying shares for kids/children/daughter

    Hi all, I've read posts about this subject quite a while back (about buying shares for the kids). I just tried to finds those topics but have had no luck. Anyway, I just wanted to know how others have done this. Did you just buy the shares as if it was for yourself or did you buy it with...
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    Long term investing for children - 15 years+

    I recently became a parent. We are looking at investing the baby bonus and some money given to us as gifts. I am interested in what others have done in this situation and any interesting investing suggestions you might have. Tax is a consideration. I dislike the idea of going to the...