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  1. Cam019


    Here is an interesting one - NZD/CHF. 4 retests of the 0.62000 level with price unable to hold it. The last two retests have formed interesting structure - two lower highs and two lower lows in a tighter range under a key psychological area of resistance.
  2. D


    Discussion in relation to the CHF/JPY
  3. DeepState

    Espresso PPP: CHF prices for Spot Espresso

    1x Espresso = AUD 5.80
  4. P

    CAD/CHF news and analysis

    CAD/CHF form 2012 till now was in a strong and coherent descending trend that sellers strictly followed their descending price targets. Price during the recent downtrend was able to record the bottom price of 0.78000 and it is fixed by the ascending candles. The mentioned bottom price is One of...
  5. P

    GBP/CHF Analysis

    GBP/CHF in recent weeks, has been experienced many reformation with a gradual Downtrend that Sellers Down price increases obtained the lowest price of is obvious in the picture below, the price by reaching to the ascending trend line made of 2 Bottom prices has been stopped from more...
  6. D


    What do you guys reckon? Looks like it attempted to close lower and break through the support but ended up at a key support level that has been touched now on the 3rd time. Reckon it could retract to the resistance level which has also been done twice over now. Hopefully the chart attached...
  7. I


    long 1.53 stop 1.5250 tp open
  8. Investor123


    Technically USDCHF looks toppish, possibly head and shoulder forming. MACD has signal SELL on the daily chart. My proprietory system had signal SELL for USDCHF. Shorted 10,000 at 1.1078 Stop level at 1.1182 Target level at 1.0932

    USD/CHF.....Dipping? (8-12-05 E-WAVE )

    USD/CHF.....Dipping? (8-12-05 E-WAVE ) WHER E WILL WE FIND SUPPORT ? APPEARS TO BE VERY OVERSOLD ... HERES A POSSIBLE WAVE-COUNT .... WILL it hold ,,,, That's not important ,,,, only how to manage risk is the important factor ...
  10. C

    CHF - Charter Pacific Corporation

    Just released an interesting report.