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  1. martaart077

    CHESS holdings

    Just trying to find out if chess sponsored holdings give the shareholder protection in case the stockbroker goes bust? I think there are some discount brokers who don't offer chess sponsored which case is there more risk when using them? What's the protection for domestic...
  2. jjbinks

    Reducing mail from ASX/CHESS/broker

    Hi Guys, Last time I traded shares now about 4 years ago I got way to many letters re each sell/buy/dividend etc. I am wondering if there is a way to minimise these letters. My broker was commsec looking at something cheaper for brokerage. Thanks
  3. A

    CHESS Sponsorship

    Hey all, I'm new to trading and have recently been doing small trades. I'm currently using IG markets for share trading on the ASX which the shares are held through the custodian model, I've been reading more and more about CHESS and am now unsure if I should move over to a CHESS sponsored...
  4. B

    Transferring CHESS account

    How do I find out who the broker is to transfer my CHESS account broker to broker? My original shares were with MYER 15-20 years ago. Since then they have had several incarnations as ColesMyer, Coles and Wesfarmers shares. I want to get them under the same roof with my Commsec sponsored holdings...
  5. P

    CHESS Holding Statements from the ASX

    I keep getting these sent to me each time a buy or sell or dividend is reinvested, what for :confused:, accountant isn’t interested in them for tax returns ive just discovered as all the information he needs is on the Dividend advice or the buy or sell contract notes. Should I or do I need to...
  6. B

    What does the acronym "CHESS" mean?

    ok all you know it-alls what does the Acronym "CHESS" mean ?
  7. M

    Commsec CHESS sponsorship form query

    Hi, I have just set up a commsec account and want to become CHESS sponsored to get the cheaper brokerage fees. The sponsorship for asks There is asks me to tick either of the below and attach holding statements: Issuer to broker sponsorship Or Broker to broker sponsorship I don't...
  8. S

    CHESS sponsorship

    I transferred my securities from Comsec to Etrade and with it my CHESS sponsorship. Subsequently I have purchased some shares with my comsec account. Is it possible to have CHESS sponsorship from more than one broker?
  9. nulla nulla

    CHESS question

    Does anyone know if Westpac has a Chess system like Commsec and a trading link like CommsecIress?
  10. K

    Commsec Chess Sponsorship

    Hi, i'm a newbie here and the share market. I would like to open an online broker account to play around and am considering commsec or etrade. With Commsec, to be eligible for the $19.95 brokerage fees, you have to signed the CHESS sponsorship contract, and open a CDIA account. Do all of you...
  11. Ted

    CHESS Holding Statements

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if CHESS Holding Statements should be retained as part of your record keeping or can they go straight to the recycling bin? Ted
  12. Y

    CHESS shares transfer

    hello folks, Got to transfer CHESS sponsored shares from a joint account to our SMSF broking account. For an off-market transfer, where do I get the forms? 1 form for each company? who has to certify the copies? I dont have them, but are issuer sponsored shares transferred on a...